Above photo credit: Taken by David Thrift at West Overlook Viewpoint during sunrise on West Point Lake on Thursday, April 24th, 2022 @ 7:28 AM CST.

Welcome to my Updates page. This page is provided for you so that you can get the latest updates and additions to my website. An archive of these updates will be provided as this site grows.


  • A few things I’m adding to this site soon: Social icons with links, a page for upcoming content and content ideas, a resources page, a feedback page, a contact page, website directory pages, Twitter directory pages, Facebook groups/pages directory pages. Yeah… I’ve got a lot of page building to do.
  • Some upcoming layout changes: Some parts of the home page are showing on the blog section, and single post pages. I will (when time permits) be removing some of these parts from those sections as I feel that not everything on the home page needs to be available site-wide. That’s what the home page is for.


2022-05-18-WED @ 7:59 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For US Coast Guard Military Interest list is up on the blog. This is the last of these pages I will add for awhile. I have followed more groups since these pages were originally created. So in the future I will update these pages with more listings.

2022-05-18-WED @ 7:27 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For National Parks list is up on the blog.

2022-05-18-WED @ 4:50 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Music Remixes & DJs list is up on the blog.

2022-05-18-WED @ 4:30 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Mushrooms & Fungi list is up on the blog.

2022-05-18-WED @ 2:57 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Male Fitness list is up on the blog.

2022-05-18-WED @ 1:04 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Male Crafters list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 9:57 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Male Admiration list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 8:53 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Local Gay Community list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 7:59 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Local Area Community In Alabama and Georgia list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 4:15 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Gemstones, Rocks & Minerals list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 3:11 PM CST – A new journal entry has been posted to Today.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 1:13 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Gay Interest list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 12:27 PM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Electronic Devices I Use Or Have Interest In list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 3:55 AM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Car Enthusiasts list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 2:16 AM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Blogging & Website Hosting list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 1:53 AM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Art directory list is up on the blog.

2022-05-17-TUE @ 1:22 AM CST – My new Facebook Groups I Follow For Apps & Software directory list is up on the blog.

2022-05-16-MON @ 10:42 PM CST – A new Directory page has been added to this website. This page will serve as the hub for all listings of useful and interesting websites I’ve found to share, and also links to social media content.

2022-05-16-MON @ 10:17 AM CST – A new Local page is up on site. I’ve created this page primarily for my own use to keep local links in my area in one place.

2022-05-15-SUN @ 10:49 PM CST – A new Issuu page is up on site. This page will provide you with an organized list of newsletters and photo ebooks I have available for viewing on Issuu.

2022-05-15-SUN @ 7:43 PM CST – A new Sitemap page has been added to the site where you can find listings of all blog posts and pages on this website. This page can be helpful to easily find content as this website grows.

2022-05-15-SUN @ 4:39 AM CST – A new Ebooks page has been added to the website. This page will be used to provide a listing to all of the newest ebooks I have available. I will add that page to the main menu at the top of the website soon.

2022-05-14-SAT @ 9:10 PM CST – My latest photo ebook, DAY TRIP 001, is now available. You can view it on my Issuu page, download a free watermarked version, or purchase a non-watermarked premium version in my Gumroad ebook store for a affordable price. All the information you need can be found here.

2022-05-11-WED @ 3:29 PM CST – This update is a “behind the scenes” update, but I thought it was important to mention. Using the power of WordPress reusable blocks, I have now turned two sections of the layout into automatically updating content blocks. As I continue working, I will use more of these reusable blocks to simplify how I manage this website, and also save myself time in the long run since updates will run fluent from just needing to update only one place within the site to make all content display across the board.

2022-05-11-WED @ 1:16 PM CST – The Updates Archive 002 May 2022 page was added to the blog yesterday.

2022-05-11-WED @ 1:18 PM CST – The announcement post was added to the blog yesterday for MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER 002. I apologize for forgetting to post it earlier this month. Don’t forget you can always check my Newsletter page to get the latest issue, and that my newsletter is a free pdf download you can take with you.

2022-05-10-TUE @ 5:53 PM CST – I have a new journal entry up on my Today page.


2022-04-27-WED @ 11:26 PM CST – In my MUDPIX OUTDOORS PHOTO EBOOKS store, I have new lower pricing on previously published photo ebooks containing my photography from West Point Lake, and Lake Harding. Some of these ebooks have been marked down because they are on schedule to be republished under my new brand, MUDPIX OUTDOORS. I also updated the links to my social media in the store.

2022-04-20-WED @ 4:35 AM CST – Collecting 355 Instagram profile url’s that you are following is not a fast acheivement, but I’ve just finished doing that. I’ve got some more to go, but I’m taking a break for awhile.

2022-04-20-WED @ 12:19 AM CST – Got called in for work tonight. So I won’t get any website work completed until another time later. That’s ok. I’m using my time at work to do something that will contribute to the directory later on. I’m gathering profile url’s on Instagram that I’m following and putting them into categories so that I can have an organized list of all the accounts I’m following.

2022-04-19-TUE @ 4:21 AM CST – New website links are getting listed in my MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER, so there will be plenty of updates in the next issue. If you haven’t already, you can get the current issue here.

2022-04-17-SUN @ 3:45 AM CST – Progress is underway to start building a website directory here on DDAVIDD.com so that I can provide links to useful and interesting websites as I discover them. It will be a simple directory, but will consist of many pages. The first section coming is an alphanumerical set of listings. Then I plan to make a section for website listings by interest. From there I will move on to creating some social media related directories, and also possibly a blog directory. I plan to hopefully get the alphanumerical pages up later tonight.

2022-04-15-FRI @ 6:30 AM CST – You don’t see it behind the scenes, but I’ve been working my ass off over the past four days to get the website relaunch started and get started rebuilding pages. Your Friday is currently my Monday. That means I have a busy busy weekend ahead. I did not get any photo editing done over the past few days while getting my website in order. I (oops) forgot to do it. So if you’re following me on Twitter where photos are getting posted, they are scheduled through to Monday the 18th of this month. When I get my next off day on Monday, I will try to remember to do some editing to keep the photo flow going. I doubt I’ll make many updates on the website this weekend but maybe I will.

2022-04-15-FRI @ 1:53 AM CST – I have posted Updates Archive 001 April 2022 to the blog. All of the updates that you see on the Updates page will be moved to their own monthly archive page throughout each month for historical purposes. These archives will be primarily created for my own use to help me maintain this website. Note that it is always best to check the Updates page first for the latest updates and news.

2022-04-15-FRI @ 1:25 AM CST – My Newsletter page is now on site. This is where you can download the current issue of my MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER.

2022-04-14-THU @ 7:04 PM CST – I have updated pages to show titles above and below featured photos. For now it’s experimental, and I will probably do it on blog post pages as well. Since the new theme I’m using on my website displays large featured images, it was bugging me not to see titles at the top of the page while browsing around, and I had to scroll down to see the title. I’m guessing this is probably irritating to everyone else as well. So there is a good chance this change might stay permanent. Also I’m considering that having the titles show up twice might be overkill, so I’m considering to remove titles under the featured photos, and just keep them above.

2022-04-14-THU @ 8:45 AM CST – A relaunch of this website has been made this morning with a brand new website layout. Website building with new pages and posts will begin.

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May 2022





An original design slouchy crochet multi-color beanie made by David Thrift, owner of DudeCapz Beanie Store, online at Storenvy.

Did you know that I am a knitter, and a crocheter? Did you also know that I have a beanie store on Storenvy where I sell my hand-knit, and crochet hats for men and women. They are one size fits all, so they are great for anyone 12 and up. Click here to go over to my shop and find your new favorite beanie for yourself, a friend, or your loved ones. Shipping for these items is to any of the 48 contiguous United States.




A list of notable events happening in 2022. These events come from Twitter. If you are on Twitter, then you may have already seen these, and if not, I have these listed so that you can check them out. Follow me on Twitter @MrDThrift for my latest updates.

2022-05-11-WED @ 12:16 PM CST – Texas fisherman catches a 300-pound fish of a lifetime – and then he let it go – Payton Moore traveled Houston’s bayou, determined to catch one of the largest alligator gars Texas has potentially ever seen. – https://twitter.com/i/events/1524405486912778240

2022-05-10-TUE @ 3:33 PM CST – Deep-sea researchers spot ‘yellow brick road to Atlantis’ while exploring ocean floor – It was the crew onboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus who caught sight of the formation. ‘It’s the road to Atlantis,’ a researcher on the radio can be heard saying. ‘The yellow brick road?’ another adds. The strange-looking feature, which resembles a road paved in cobblestones, was located in the Liliʻuokalani Ridge in the Papahānaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) in the Pacific Ocean – https://twitter.com/i/events/1524056378561773568

2022-04-13-WED @ 10:29 AM CST – Neptune experiences an unexplained shift in temperature – Neptune, the farthest planet in our solar system is experiencing a shift in temperature that scientists can’t explain. – https://twitter.com/i/events/1514239492265111554

2022-03-09-WED @ 9:23 AM CST – TIME’s Women of the Year 2022 – The list highlights 12 extraordinary leaders working toward a more equal world. – https://twitter.com/i/events/1499464299152121866

2022-03-09-WED @ 8:43 AM CST – The wreck of Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship, is found – Explorers and researchers have located Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915. – https://twitter.com/i/events/1501479881426849796


Healing yourself can be offensive to those that benefited from your brokenness.


Actions always prove why words mean nothing.


It’s not that serious. Focus on your work. – David Thrift

More quotes available in my newsletter. – I am a collector of meaningful quotes and sayings. You can find my entire collection in my free MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER. Get it here. It’s a free pdf download.


DDAVIDD.com has recently been relaunched on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 with a new theme I designed. You may notice some things moved, or removed as needed over the coming weeks as I adjust to this new layout and getting my content organized.

Update: Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 – Work is still going on with setting up my website here with the new look and upcoming content. You can check my UPDATES page to see the latest updates as they happen.


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Tracking the surges in gas prices in my local area in Alabama. This is a mostly just “to be doing it” thing to take up space in this section until I figure out what else to put here.

  • 2022-03-10-THU @ 6:10 AM CST – $3.89
  • 2022-05-10-TUE @ 7:57 PM CST – $3.93
  • 2022-05-11-WED @ 10:22 AM CST – $3.93


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