Welcome to UPCOMING!

I have placed this page on my website to list things that are in mind for future add-on’s to this website, or new project ideas I’m considering.

New Burner Blogs I’m Building:

Sometimes you just need a burner blog for content you don’t want to post on your main website.

Full Moon Gossip (I may change the name) – FMG is going to serve as a tweet archive blog. I recently learned that I (and you too) can use IFTTT to generate WordPress blog posts. I think this could be beneficial in some way, although it is a rudimentary trick. Blog post titles are generated from tweet text which can look messy. Blog posts do not receive any post tags that are specific to the tweet. You do however get an embedded tweet in each blog post along with images and videos. All of these things mentioned in my opinion would only work on a burner blog that you’re not concerned about getting traffic, but rather to use for archiving purposes.

New Ebooks & Publications Currently In The Works:

Photography Culture Zine – It’s a zine where I share favorite photos from photographers on unsplash.

Project S.O.A.R (Sunsets On Andrews Road) – In 2012 I spent many days parked on the side of a highway in the evenings to take photos of the sunsets. This ebook will feature those photos. There were over 3,000 photos taken. I’m currently deciding whether to present these photos as full page images, or quarter page images (4 per page). If I do full page images, this will be a series of ebooks. I would probably do around 500 per ebook. That would require making 6 ebooks in this series. If I do quarter page images, then I can put them all into one ebook. I’m probably going to do the quarter page image version since I’ve already edited a group of photos for that.

New Ebooks & Publications I’m Considering To Offer:

From My Newsletter – My newsletter is huge. It contains lists in that may be more suitable for putting in their own publications so that I can slim down my newsletter. When I started writing the newsletter, I thought it would be great to add endless content to it. Now I’m not so sure that it’s cool to throw and 200+ page newsletter in my site visitor’s face every month lol. I don’t know, maybe ya’ll like the newsletter the way it is.

Recommended Books – I think it would be fun (when time permits) to start writing a new newsletter with books I come across that I recommend reading. Some I may have already read, and others would just be some that I saw that looked interesting. UPDATE 2022-09-12-MON @ 11:53 PM CST – This past weekend I started a new ebook project for book recommendations. I have titled the ebook, SALEM MOON READER (name subject to change). The title comes from the fact that the night I started this, was on the night of September 2022’s Harvest Moon, and I was in Salem, Alabama at the time. Like I said, the name may change, but since I sometimes like to name projects after astrological events, the name will probably say centered around that idea of representing that night’s full moon. At this time, it is only an idea. I have not started putting this ebook together yet.

New Handmade Items Coming To My Store:

Hemp Jewelry – It’s been a long time, but I used to make and sell hemp jewelry online. I’m thinking about making some new items. We’ll see.

New Lists Coming To The Blog:

Vinyl Albums I Own – Collecting vinyl records is a new thing for me in 2022. As of Friday, September 30th, 2022, I own two OOP (out of print) pop music albums from the 1980’s that I bought on ebay. They were purchased as memorabilia items, but acquiring them has sparked an interest in collecting more rarities. I don’t have a record player yet, but I plan to acquire one as soon as possible. I think having a record player in my home would be fun. I have misplaced one of my records, so this list will be delayed until I find it.

New Resources In Nature:

Fishing in – I will search Google, and compile links to websites where you can find resources for fishing in each state. Considering since Saturday, October 15th, 2022 @ 4:20 PM CST.

Waterfalls of – I will search Google, and compile links to websites where you can discover waterfalls in each state. Considering since Saturday, October 15th, 2022 @ 4:20 PM CST.

New Site Layout Changes Coming:

None currently planned.

New Site Pages Coming:

About – My website has been online since 2020, and I still haven’t made an “About” page yet. Yes I am as ashamed as I should be for it.

Books Currently Reading AND Books Read – These are two pages where I will list what books I’m currently reading, and which ones I have read.

Crafts Directory – This would include links primarily to crochet and knit patterns.

Contact – My website has been online since 2020, and I still haven’t made a “Contact” page yet. Yes I am as ashamed as I should be for it. On the other hand, not having a contact page with a contact form has saved me from a lot of spam emails… So I’m not sorry for that. But I know I need this page on site, so I will make it happen when time permits.

First To Fire – F2FW.com (currently a redirect to f2fw.wordpress.com because I’m not paying for a hosting plan for now and possibly indefinitely) is a site I set up previously to house a listing of all of my blogs and websites. First To Fire was the unit slogan for a unit I was in while stationed in South Korea in 1993. I took the slogan and created a brand name for my blog network. As it happens in life, things change. We create, we build, and then we move things around, or we shut things down as needed. Currently that site no longer serves the purpose I built it for, but I don’t want to shut the site down. That’s why I still own the f2fw.com domain because I could at any time decide to add a hosting plan to that site and make the f2fw.com the primary domain again. Until I make the decision to do that, I’m planning to make a page here on ddavidd.com that serves the same purpose without requiring visitors to go elsewhere for the information.

Gradients – When I redesigned my website template, I grew to love having the ability to add a gradient background that spans the entire length of each page. My gradients are chosen from color palettes at coolors.co which is a website I highly recommend getting a subscription to if you are a professional who needs color schemes for design work. It is currently listed in my right sidebar in the first section of my website which gradient I’m using. I have decided that info doesn’t need to take up space in that spot. The info was placed there as a convenience, and I thought it would stay there permanently, but now having realized that I want to keep a list of all the color palettes I use when I change gradients for the background, I need a page for this. So I’m going to create a Gradients page where that info will be stored. This of course be another page on site that is primarily for my own use.

Guide – My website is growing bigger and bigger each month. I want to create a guide page that will primarily be written for first time viewers so that they can get an idea of what is available here at ddavidd.com and where to find the information. Hopefully also it could be used as another means of website navigation by repeat visitors.

Inbox – Some time ago I started a website. Now I’m not sure I want to maintain it. This and probably some other content from the site needs to be moved from there to here. Inbox is a page I use to drop links on that I discover, but haven’t had time to organize somewhere on my website. I will be bringing an Inbox to ddavidd.com when time permits, but I will probably rename it to Radar instead (maybe).

Progress – NEXT PAGE COMING UP – This page will be primarily for my own use, to keep up with progress on all of the projects I’m working on. The projects range from ebook publishing, to content creation, to personal projects. This page will be created out of my need to have all of my projects listed in one place so that I can keep up with all of the projects I’ve got going, along with my progress, and help myself to keep focus on my project goals. For you as a site visitor, you could see on this page what I’m working on, and what may be coming to the website soon.

Travel – I like collecting travel guides, even though I don’t really travel. I want to build a directory of free travel guides around the U.S. This will include a main page, and a travel guides page for all 50 states. This directory is intended to put together a resource for travelers who wish to obtain travel guides without having to search all over the internet for them.

New Site Posts Coming:

Fan Pages – Why not? Maybe. Favorite artists, actors, actresses, singers, bands… just a small blog post for each of my favorites.

Promotions Archive – I have to face reality that the Promotions section on my website is growing HUGE… probably too huge. So I need to start thinking about making an archive section in my blog so that I can slim down the site a little bit.

Today Journal – In 2022 I started writing a random journal. It has not really been updated much throughout this year due to working on many projects. When time permits, I will take the writing that I have made so far, and post it all to the blog in an appropriate category, and maybe try to increase my writing habit.

New Content Implemented:

Flashback Photos – It’s Friday night, September 16th, 2022 @ 8:15 PM CST as I add this. Tonight it occured to me that I may be missing an easy opportunity to share more photos than I’ve been doing. In a way I think I’ve been holding back from it because I didn’t want to use up all of my website storage space, and also because I had intended to put everything in photo ebooks. My ebooks are very time consuming to make however, especially when I get hung up on other projects. Tonight I have an idea. I will dig through my photos and build mini photo galleries in my blog with 10 photos per post. I could do at least one a week. Sometimes maybe more if I have time. This would give me more content to share on Twitter and other social networks, and it could help me to give my site visitors a look back through my photography from my early days until the present. Look for these posts to start going up on the blog soon. I almost put one up tonight, however it is the weekend, and I kind of don’t want to pull my laptop out. – – – This new blog post series was implemented on Sunday, September 25th, 2022. You can view the Flashback Photos posts here on the blog. These posts are also listed in the Directory.

Photo credit: This photo, by: Jeremy Beck.

This page was created on Friday, September 9th, 2022 @ 7:06 AM CST – I should have been in bed getting some shut eye for the evening work shift I had ahead… but you know my website was more important than getting rest.

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2023-06-08-THU @ 10:47 AM CST – A new Sky Portraits photo gallery has been started on the blog. The posts in this blog gallery will include photos of clouds I’ve taken. These will primarily be of the sky view above my home. Each time I make a new gallery post, these will include 10 photos.

2023-02-25-SAT @ 9:29 PM CST – A new Day Trips 2023 photo gallery is in progress of being posted. This gallery includes photos that will be in my upcoming Day Trip 001 photo ebook, which features photos taken at West Point Lake on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023. These are preview photos, so don’t expect high quality. The photos in the upcoming ebook will be of much higher quality.

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SPOTIFY LIFE – My Spotify listening journal is being put together so that I can publish it here on site. Look for it soon. – UPDATE – I’ve misplaced my list. This is on hiatus until I can find it and edit for publishing.

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