Photo credit: This photo, by: Patrick Tomasso.


I’m David, an amateur outdoor photographer, writer, blogger, content promoter, music collector, and self-published ebook author residing in Southeast Alabama. This website serves as your guide to all of my ebook projects, blogs I maintain, favorite links, information I share, and more.

New for 2022 is my TODAY page. What is this page about you may be wondering? This is one single page on my website where I write a journal with updates about how my day is going in regards to non-major personal life events, and my creative process for production of my art, photography, and ebooks. This page also serves as the new place where I share random internet links to things I found interesting that you may also like to check out. I have been writing this journal since Monday, January 3rd, 2022.

I will keep a few journal posts on this page at any given time and then I will remove some as I write. Because I am trying to keep this website as minimal as possible, I do not archive these journal posts on this website. Instead, I will publish my journal in a new upcoming personal pdf magazine. Look for it soon.



12:30 AM CST – Since getting more into art at the start of this year, I’m noticing my workflow is changing. Rather than just spending hours in front of my laptop trying to figure out gameplans for my content, I’m pinpointing specific tasks to do for the next time I turn my computer on. I do the task, and then get back off the computer and either do some art on my phone, or my new tablet. I haven’t forgotten the photo ebooks I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve realized I need additional storage (another flashdrive or external drive) to finish that project. I should start just buying external hard drives instead of flashdrives. The amount of data I’m starting to work with is getting nuts.

12:45 AM CST – Upon reading one of my journal entries, I’m reminded that I’m supposed to be cleaning out my Google Calendar. I guess it can wait.

2:54 PM CST – Just a tip. Google Maps Timeline history is a cool thing if you have location history turned on. It works off of your phones’s gps, and will show you towns you didn’t know you traveled through, as well has how many times you’ve visited places. It can also be used as a reminder to visit places you haven’t been to in awhile. Also the “explore” function is nice. You can discover places in your area you didn’t know about. I’ve never heard of many of the local parks it listed. Maybe I need to break down and get another truck and go do some exploring.


2:03 AM CST – I went outside awhile ago and turned on the water at the outside faucet since the temperature has fell to 28 degrees. I noticed the sky was clear, and my front porch as well as my trucks were covered with frost. As I said I was going to do, I got some website work done. I was just thinking about working on my art some more, but I’m getting a little tired. So I’ve decided I’m going to go crash in bed instead.

1:42 PM CST – I woke up just before noon today (at 11:54 CST if I remember right). I’ve just been wandering around home for awhile – not really doing much. I downloaded the Google Calendar app to my phone. I haven’t used Google Calendar for quite a few years, but I saw it mentioned on YouTube and I thought why not try it again. I discovered some old irrelevant tasks I put in it before that needs to come out before I can start putting it to use again. That will have to come at a later time. I’ve got a shopping trip to take care of.

10:08 PM CST – I’m home from my shopping trip. I wasn’t able to get everything I needed. So I will have to go again tomorrow or Thursday. I saw a Targus brand laptop bag I’m considering to buy. I want to look at some other ones though before I spend money. It’s looking like another cold night with temps in the 30’s again.


7:17 PM CST – I slept well today after coming home from work this morning. The weather was dreary, rainy, temps in the 30’s, and the sky was covered with grey clouds. I spent the night listening to rain and long winds. So it was nice to come home to a warm dwelling, crawl under my blankets in bed, and crash all day. I woke up around 4 PM. I have been working on some new art on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus tablet this evening. I bought that tablet on Thursday, December 30th, 2022, and I’ve been creating art on it every day over the past 5 days. I really love the tablet, and I’m happy to be starting this new year in 2022 with it.

8:35 PM CST – I just looked at my kitchen weather station, and it shows that it is 32 degrees outside currently. Looks like a nice night to chill out inside with the heat. I’m going to put my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ on charge. This will be the first time I’ve had to charge it since I bought it 5 days ago. Going forward I will use “SGTS7+” when talking about my tablet to save myself some typing.

8:44 PM CST – Just have to brag a minute about all the Samsung devices I currently own – A new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone, and 2 Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphones. Some might call this a lot for one person, but I have valid needs for all of these.

9:21 PM CST – I was going to take a quick drive for a convenience store shopping trip (I was craving nacho chips and cheese dip), but I discovered that the driver’s side headlight is out (again – a regular occurance) on my truck. So, I’m delaying that trip until some time tomorrow when hopefully the weather will be a little warmer, and I can go buy a new headlight bulb to install. In the area where I live, the police are all over the place, and they love to stop vehicles for non-functional lights, so it isn’t wise to drive like that after dark for that reason, and safety of course unless it’s an emergency. I don’t think chips are an emergency, and certainly not worth risking a ticket for a traffic violation. I started my truck to let it run for awhile anyway since the temps are freezing outside.

9:52 PM CST – A thought just popped up in my head as I was cleaning clutter out of my refrigerator. Every moment of consciousness is an opportunity to spend being creative in some way. It’s true. Think about it.

10:23 PM CST – I’ve got my water running in the bathroom, and kitchen. Can’t let the pipes freeze. Just a side note that I am feeling well tonight. All the sleep I had today did me some good. I’m going to heat up a tv dinner and then turn on my laptop to get some website work done.


I can’t help myself. When I see something interesting on the internet, I have to share it. Check out the information and links below for my shares.

UPNOTE NOTE TAKING APP – I discovered, and started using this cross-platform note taking app in December 2021, and I love it. I can write notes on my phone, and then access them for use on my laptop over the cloud. It helps me with my lists, my journals, and my website upkeep. It has become the perfect companion to Google Keep for me, whereas I use Google Keep for simple notes and lists, and UpNote is where I do my heavy writing on the go. Search for UpNote in your app store. – 2022-01-03-MON @ 8:40 PM CST.

THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER’S LANTERN PANE DUTIES – A great article by Bob Trapani at Maine Lights Today. The article describes job expectations that lighthouse keepers were required in order to keep lighthouse glass panes obstruction free to provide the best lighting possible. – 2022-01-03-MON @ 9:20 PM CST –

THE AFFINITY STORE – I’ve just discovered The Affinity Store, a place where you can get content creation pages for Affinity products such as Affinity Photo which is what I use for most of my photo editing. There I discovered also a brush pack I might pick up sometime to try and make some art with (oops that brush pack is just a set of png images you can use for overlays in images – but I do think there are some other brush packs available in the store). See links below. – 2022-01-04-TUE @ 12:08 AM CST.




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