Random Things Digest 002

Photo credit: Aron Yigin

You have 19 topics to explore in this edition of Random Things.

Sunday evening, August 30th, 2020. It’s the close of week #35 in 2020 and here are the Random Things I listed on my home page over the past week under “Random Things” that you may have missed to check out. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. These are links to articles, news events, sometimes products I see that you may find useful, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow.

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Random Things Digest 001

Photo Credit: Logan Weaver – Photo effects by David Thrift.

You have 11 topics to explore in this edition of Random Things.

Welcome to the first edition of Random Things Digest with David Thrift at DDAVIDD.com, where I bring you a collection of various things I’ve discovered on the internet that you may find interesting. These topics are always posted first on my home page, and then about once a week those topics are moved into a digest like this one. So if you want to see Random Things I’m sharing first, always go to my home page. I try to find something new to share there at least once a day.

Here are the topics I have for this Random Things Digest:

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