All Jacob Blake Had To Do Was Just Stop Walking

Photo credit: Original photo here, by Homero Ochoa. Color effects by David Thrift.

It’s the common denominator in the “cop shoots black guy” news media propaganda scandal (the scandal being that all we ever fucking see on the news are the shootings of black men only – never any white ones, hispanic ones, asians, etc.).

They are always resisting. Always a same similar situation. They are shown in video resisting instructions from the police, and before you know it, mommy dearest (or some other kin) of the next injured or deceased black man is on the news crying with a photo of her dead, grown ass son, with his cap and gown photo from high school graduation, if he made it that far, before turning criminal.

Now there are some on this internet, all around the world, who would love to tell me how much they think I should have better respect for criminals than what I just wrote above. Let me just say how I feel about that. FUCK A MOTHERFUCKER WHO LIFTS UP CRIMINALS BEFORE LIFTING UP THEMSELVES TO LIVING A BETTER LIFE AND WHO THINKS THEY HAVE SOME AUTHORITY TO TELL ME WHO TO RESPECT.

Do I think it’s sad what happens in these situations? Of course. I don’t like watching anyone get hurt or killed in the news. Do I sit around race baiting these things like the mobs do? Hell no, and fuck no! You take race out of these encounters and you will see clearly, the criminals all dieing the same damn way… resisting the police… because they have charges, have prior charges, risk going to jail, risk going back to jail, or just flat out think they are above the law.

Jacob Blake had his kids in his car. A real father that cares about his kids, would not turn his back to a police officer who has a gun pointed at him, walk around his car, open the door, reach in (again with his back turned to the police) to grab who knows what (probably / maybe a gun).

I’ll bet some of you reading this want me to feel sorry for JB don’t you? Well I don’t. I’m just going to stay busy living my perfect white priviledged life some folks out in the big cities are accusing us white folks of having, writing about self entitled fools I see come up on the news when they decide they’re above the law, and get shown otherwise.

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