Random Things Digest 004

Photo credit: Jessica Wong

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It’s Monday morning, September 13th, 2020 @ 12:48 PM CST as I begin to post this 4th edition of Random Things Digest. I hope your weekend was a great one, and that you’re looking forward to a productive week starting tomorrow.

For me, this past week has been extremely busy, busy, busy! I’ve been trying to get my workflow in order with the use of a new (to me) task managing app called Todoist. Long story short, that app so far has not lived up to my expectations so far, but I’m not giving up completely on using it. I did end up giving Google Sheets a try for a very basic task list manager using one of it’s spreadsheet templates. So far I like it I think. I’ve managed to start up a couple of new blogs that I’ll be setting up and adding into my personal network. One is a music blog to track the music I’m listening to on Spotify (something to reference mainly for myself), and the other one is called Bad Ass Trucks, and by the name of it, I’m sure you can guess what it will be about. I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my Kaleidoscope Art Ebook, so it will be coming up in my ebook store on Gumroad. It will be a free ebook, so look for it soon. You can keep up with all of my progress on it at my home page.

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