With this post I am starting a new series of digital art that I’ve created. The subject is “erotic male”. Some images will be extremely adult only material. Nudity and sexuality have been mixed together in art for centuries. If this type of art offends you, do not view it.

I will be posting 10 art images per page. I do not have a set schedule for filling these pages. I’m a busy man. It’s up to you to follow, and check back for new art.


Created on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021.

More art coming soon.

Random Things Digest 003

Photo credit: Robert Harkness

You have 11 topics to explore in this digest.

It’s Sunday evening, September 6th, 2020 @ 11:21 PM CST as I begin to post this 3rd edition of Random Things Digest. I hope your weekend was a great one, and that you’re looking forward to a productive week starting tomorrow.

We’re closing out the 3rd week of Random Things I listed on my home page over the past week. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. So you should check out that page daily to keep up with the latest things I find that are interesting. If you missed them however during the week, here they are for you. These are links to articles, news events (usually twitter news events – but also mainstream news), sometimes products I see that you may find useful from an ad I’ve seen, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow. None of these links are sponsored. I share this information at my own choosing. These are all now available in this archive digest.

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Random Things Digest 002

Photo credit: Aron Yigin

You have 19 topics to explore in this edition of Random Things.

Sunday evening, August 30th, 2020. It’s the close of week #35 in 2020 and here are the Random Things I listed on my home page over the past week under “Random Things” that you may have missed to check out. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. These are links to articles, news events, sometimes products I see that you may find useful, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow.

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Apps and Software I Use Most

Photo credit: Gian Paolo Aliatis

In my day to day networking, blogging, writing, photo editing, and creating interactions on the internet for personal and business purposes, there are quite a few apps and software that I use as a content creator to help me be as productive as possible.

On this page you will find the names, descriptions, and links to these apps and software so that you can explore them and see if they may be beneficial in your own work.

Note, this is a list I’m working on as time permits, so you’ll want to check it frequently for updates.

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Random Things Digest 001

Photo Credit: Logan Weaver – Photo effects by David Thrift.

You have 11 topics to explore in this edition of Random Things.

Welcome to the first edition of Random Things Digest with David Thrift at, where I bring you a collection of various things I’ve discovered on the internet that you may find interesting. These topics are always posted first on my home page, and then about once a week those topics are moved into a digest like this one. So if you want to see Random Things I’m sharing first, always go to my home page. I try to find something new to share there at least once a day.

Here are the topics I have for this Random Things Digest:

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Hello World!

Photo credit: David Thrift at, © 2020. Taken on Saturday morning, August 22nd, 2020 in Chambers County, Alabama.

Welcome to

This is my new official website which was officially established on the morning of Sunday, August 9th, 2020 @ 7:55 A.M. CST.

My name is David Thrift. I am an amateur photographer, digital artist, ebook writer, and blogger (I’m into micro-blogging more than writing long blog posts).

I love the internet a lot (so much so that I’ve created more blogs and websites than I can keep up with).

The statement above is basically the sole reason for me to start building this website.

I wanted a website that has a home page which can serve as a landing page for viewers to find immediate access to all of my ebooks and blogs, while also having space where I can promote content and work done by others that I am fond of and support.

I like promoting artists, photographers, and some YouTubers when my spare time permits. As a content creator, I think it’s important to also work as a content promoter and influencer by telling your followers who’s work you enjoy outside of your own.

As a photographer, I love shooting photos outdoors. My focus on outdoor photography is around the lakes in Alabama and Georgia at Lake Harding and West Point Lake.

As a writer, and blogger, I like to create ebooks with my photography and those ebooks are for sale in my ebook store on Gumroad. I also enjoy creating lists of useful sites and niche sites that my website visitors may enjoy.

So that is basically it. This site will serve as a guide to my ebooks and blogs, and also a directory of links to other content you might enjoy. I invite you to follow this website, or if you can remember my name David, you can always just easily pop over and see what’s new. My website is – That’s David with 2 d’s at each end .com.

Follow me on Twitter @SirDDAVIDD.

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