It never fails, and we all do it I think. We end up with tons of tabs open in our website browsers due to working on projects, or leaving them open for holding until we can get back to them.

I have created this page here to try and eliminate this problem for myself in my Firefox browser on my mobile phone, and on my laptop. Instead of holding endless tabs open in my browser that could possibly get lost if my phone goes on the blink, I will use this page to hold some links until I can get back to them, and get finished viewing them, or do whatever I’m going to do with them (curation for example).

So this page is primarily for my own use. You may feel free to browse through these links if you wish to explore where my crazy mind goes.

Abandoned Blogs:

  • WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog – [link]
  • Wikidaily – [link]


  • Craiyon – [link]
  • Dezgo – [link]
  • Lexica – muscular man in underwear painting – [link]
  • Pollinations – [link]


  • Android Police – [link]


  • 10+ Masculine Crochet Stitches for Men’s Scarves & Blankets – [link]
  • 15 Ledge Hikes That Will Make Your Palms Sweat – [link]
  • 100 Most Interesting Websites to Visit When You are Bored – [link]
  • 2023 Dalton Highway Artist-in-Residence – [link]
  • 25 Neat Facts About Nebraska – [link]
  • Daylight saving time is not observed in all 50 states – [link]
  • Florida Man Killed By Rare Brain Eating Organism In Tap Water – [link]
  • Google’s new photo picker is now available on virtually all Android phones – [link]
  • How To Attach A Phone Strap To Any Case – [link]
  • How to Crochet Moss Stitch (aka Linen, Granite, Woven Stitch) – [link]
  • How to Follow a Blogspot Blog – [link]
  • How to Hide an HTML Code – [link]
  • I’m the Last Person on Earth Still Buying CDs – [link]
  • James Webb Telescope Captures ‘Clearest View’ of Neptune’s Rings in Decades – [link]
  • Make Use Of – The 5 Best Sites to Keep an Online Journal – [link]
  • Meet Your New Payhip Store – [link]
  • Mozilla To Explore Healthy Social Media Alternative – [link]
  • Music Podcast Collection (Open Culture) – [link]
  • NASA confirms half-ton meteor crashed in South Texas – [link]
  • Samsung One UI – [link]
  • The 10 Best Content Curation Tools and Why You Need One (2023) – [link]
  • The Best Gumroad Alternatives For 2023 (Comparison) – [link]
  • Twitter Clarifies Duplicate Content Policy – [link]
  • Using Tasker to talk with ChatGPT on your phone looks equal parts powerful and terrifying – [link]
  • Watch The Birdie: Why and How Photographers Should Use Twitter – [link]
  • What It Means To Have A Full-functioned Type-C Port On Your Laptop And How To Correctly Use It – [link]
  • Windows 11’s Notepad is finally getting tabs but this app is better anyway – [link]
  • WordPress Code Blocks: How to Display Code in WordPress Blog Posts – [link]


  • J. Vincent Scarpace (ipaintfish) – [link]

Authors (blogs):

  • Windows Central – Sean Endicott – [link]


  • The Mozilla Blog – [link]


  • Blogging Wizard – [link]


  • Firefox Browser Add-ons – [link]
  • Firefox Extension Tab Stash – [link]

Business Websites Of Interest:

  • Okaloosa Island Pier – [link]

Content Creators:

  • Agate Dad Linktree – [link]

Cool Websites:

  • Alabama Press Association – Alabama Newspapers – [link]
  • 1001 Fonts – [link]
  • Archive Today – [link]
  • Billboard Magazine 1894 to Today – [link]
  • Bublup – [link]
  • Coolors – [link]
  • Craigslist – [link]
  • DownDetector – [link]
  • Downhound – [link]
  • DVIDS Publications (directory) – [link]
  • DVIDS Publications (military) – [link]
  • DVIDS Publications The Wolverine – [link]
  • EarthSky Tonight – [link]
  • FotoSketcher – [link]
  • Internet Archive – [link]
  • Lakes Online – [link]
  • Namelix Business Name Generator – [link]
  • Print Friendly – [link]
  • Random Art – [link]
  • Reddit – [link]
  • Search Engine Journal – [link]
  • Speckyboy – [link]
  • Swipefile – [link]
  • Unbelievable Facts – [link]
  • WebCamTaxi – [link]

Crochet Patterns:

  • 16 Free Crochet Doily Patterns – [link]
  • Crochet Shell Doily – [link]

Facebook Pages To Follow Eventually:

  • Okaloosa Island Pier – [link]

Gay Interest:

  • Instinct Magazine – [link]
  • Instinct Magazine – Zac Efron – [link]
  • Leaked Meat – [link]


  • Agate Gemstones – [link]

Get Back To:

  • Color windows (myscreenie) – [link]

Google Searches:

  • alabama newspaper directory – [link]
  • all categories on instagram – [link]
  • all categories on wikipedia – [link]
  • all links rss – [link]
  • best hashtags for photography on twitter – [link]
  • best places to curate articles from – [link]
  • chatgpt – [link]
  • cloud appreciation society – [link]
  • cloud atlas – [link]
  • common newspaper names – [link]
  • cool websites – [link]
  • craiyon – [link]
  • crochet moss stitch – [link]
  • Curated Articles – [link]
  • directory of us military bases – [link]
  • display code in wordpress – [link]
  • Daily calendar list 2023 – [link]
  • dmc 80s 90s pop monsterjam – [link]
  • doily pattern – [link]
  • duplicate tweets rules – [link]
  • evinger directory of us military bases – [link]
  • facts about alabama – [link]
  • garter stitch with two colors – [link]
  • gay blogs – [link]
  • great names for a news blog – [link]
  • grillo’s pickle de gallo – [link]
  • gumroad alternatives for ebooks – [link]
  • hide content html – [link]
  • how to follow a blogspot blog that does not have a follow widget – [link]
  • how to schedule retweets on twitter – [link]
  • how to see if your laptop has a full featured usb c port – [link]
  • journal prompts – [link]
  • kiss my grits – [link]
  • kubrick block theme – [link]
  • kubrick gutenburg theme – [link]
  • lake magazines – [link]
  • list of all boy bands – [link]
  • list of days 2023 – [link]
  • mans crochet scarf – [link]
  • news podcast – [link]
  • night sky tonight – [link]
  • online clock – [link]
  • online jigsaw puzzles – [link]
  • personal digital assistant – [link]
  • private online journal – [link]
  • radio station websites – [link]
  • regina baby love – [link]
  • scott o’hara – [link]
  • gay – [link]
  • small e-ink writing tablet – [link]
  • sync txt files between computers – [link]
  • test to see where you stand politically – [link]
  • tony cauville – [link]
  • top twitter hashtags today – [link]
  • trending on twitter – [link]
  • twitter trends archive – [link]
  • useful wordpress plugins – [link]
  • warren cuccurullo – [link]
  • warren cuccurullo pron – [link]
  • webhosts that allow mature content – [link]
  • West Point Lake – [link]
  • where did move to – [link]
  • where to read dilbert comics – [link]


  • Flaticon – [link]

Home Decor & Furniture:

  • Linsy Modular Sofas – [link]

Instagram Hashtags:

  • abstractart – [link]
  • satisfyingposts – [link]

Instagram Locations:

  • All Locations By Country – [link]
  • All Locations In United States – [link]
  • Lake Lurleen State Park – [link]
  • Profiles Directory – [link]
  • United States Locations – [link]

Instagram Pages To Follow Eventually:

  • Okaloosa Island Pier – okaloosaislandpier – [link]


Link In Bio Profiles On Linktree:

  • Jason Coward – [link]

Link In Bio Providers:

  • Koji (mine) – [link]

Live Webcams:

  • Battleship Cams – [link]


  • Elijah Schaffer – [link]


  • Matrix – [link]
  • Matrix Blog – [link]
  • Matrix Clients – [link]
  • Matrix Discover – [link]
  • Try Matrix Now – [link]

Men’s Clothes:

  • Carhartt – [link]


  • DJ Brab – [link]
  • Music Rewind – [link]
  • Pixabay Free Relaxing Music MP3 Downloads – [link]


  • Google News – [link]


  • Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage Alabama Historic Cemetery Register – [link]
  • Art on the Rocks: More Than 35 Colorful & Contemporary Rock-Painting Projects – [link]
  • Color concrete garden projects – [link]
  • Search: alabama – [link]
  • Search: outdoors – [link]



  • Pixelfed – [link]


  • The Excellent 80s Rewind – [link]

Random Websites:

  • International Cloud Atlas – [link]


  • How to search blogs in Blogger? – [link]
  • r/blogspot Blogspot / Blogger platform – [link]
  • Search blogger – [link]


  • Alphabetical List of 50 States – [link]
  • Day Numbers for 2023 – [link]

Shopping On Amazon:

  • Album – Noel – [link]
  • Album – Regina – Curiosity – [link]
  • Amazon Snap-in Clear Case, for Kindle Scribe (2022 Release) – [link]
  • Barefoot Bungalow Eden Peacock Quilt Set, King/California King (3 Piece), Ecru – [link]
  • Canon Powershot SX70 – [link]
  • Directory of U.S. Military Bases Worldwide – [link]
  • Feiasia Portable Monitor – [link]
  • GPD Micro PC – [link]
  • Homedics Drift Sandscape – [link]
  • REOLINK 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera – [link]
  • Search: backlit keyboard – [link]
  • Search: camera backpack – [link]
  • Search: canon sx70 – [link]
  • Search: cellular solar security camera – [link]
  • Search: custom tapestry – [link]
  • Search: falcon guides – [link]
  • Search: mp3 player – [link]
  • Search: nikon p950 camera – [link]
  • Search: personal digital assistant – [link]
  • Search: rockhounding alabama – [link]
  • Timmkoo Q5 Mp3 Player – [link]
  • Truck Skid Plate – [link]

Shopping On Etsy:

  • Product – Granny Circular Doily Pattern – [link]
  • Store – NaptimeCreations206 – [link]

Shopping On Homedics:

Shopping On Huion:

  • Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) – [link]

Shopping On Intension Design:

  • Tripod Desk Pro – [link]

Shopping On Mobiscribe:

  • MobiScribe WAVE – Color Kaleido 3 – [link]

Shopping On Office Depot:

  • ASUS ZenScreen MB14AC FHD LED Portable Monitor – [link]
  • Epson Perfection V39 Color Scanner – [link]
  • USB 3.0 To 4 HDMI Adapter / External Video And Graphics Card – [link]

Shopping On Walmart:

  • Onn Portable IPX4 Water Resistant Wireless Round Bluetooth Speaker – [link]


  • Escape Motions (art) – [link]
  • PsPad – [link]

Technology Electronics I Use:

  • iTECHWearables – [link]


  • North Alabama – [link]
  • The Official Travel Guide to Galveston, TX – [link]


  • GoogleTrends – [link]
  • Trend Calendar – [link]
  • Trends24 – [link]
  • Twitter Trends – [link]

Twitter Help Center:

  • Copypasta and duplicate content policy – [link]

West Point Lake:

  • Lakes Online West Point Lake – [link]
  • West Point Lake Water Level – [link]


  • Diablo, Washington – [link]
  • San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway – [link]
  • Smithies Peak – [link]

WordPress Support:

Is your blog or website hosted by You can get a tremendous amount of help for maintaining your site without needing to reach out to anyone from their Support pages. Below I’ve listed a few pages that I needed to reference recently for assistance or brush up on their hosting policies.

  • Algorithms, Search, and Recommendations – [link]
  • Discussion Settings – [link]
  • Display Posts Shortcode – [link]
  • External Follow Button – [link]
  • Getting More Views and Traffic – [link]
  • Mature Content – [link]
  • Tags in the Reader – [link]
  • Volunteers – [link]

YouTube Searches:

  • ContentGems review – [link]
  • firefox tab stash – [link]

YouTube Videos:

  • 55 Most Useful Free Software Everyone Should Know! – [link]

Above photo credit: This photo, by: Rubaitul Azad.

UPDATE 2023-03-01-WED at 7:59 PM CST – Since starting this page, and through maintaining my tab links here, I have found this listing process to be very beneficial for keeping tab clutter out of my browsers, and all organized in one space. I would recommend anyone who surfs through tons of tabs at any given time to create a similar organized list like this. The number of tabs I’m keeping open recently has been less than 20 either on my phone, or on my laptop, and I no longer have problems finding or organizing my links. One more tip I can give for link organization is to start using Google Keep if you aren’t already doing it. With Google Keep, you can “share” links from your browser (or other apps such as YouTube) on mobile to a folder in Google Keep to be accessed later as needed.

DISCLAIMER – Links added to this page, or anywhere else on this website does not imply specifically, or only my own personal interest. Links are added for various reasons that range from personal interest, to anticipated site visitor interest, or curation purposes. No endorsement or recommendation is made with the adding of these links.

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  • Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 at 7:56 PM CST – Added new listings, a description under WordPress Support, and new note update about this page.
  • Tuesday, March 8th, 2023 at 2:47 AM CST – Added new listings.

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SPOTIFY LIFE – My Spotify listening journal is being put together so that I can publish it here on site. Look for it soon. – UPDATE – I’ve misplaced my list. This is on hiatus until I can find it and edit for publishing.


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