Damn! My Laptop Crashed This Morning

What a bummer. My Dell laptop model 3358 (old and no longer supported) hard drive crashed this morning as hard drives are bound to do over time.

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Democrats Stand Back And Fuck Off

When I built this website, I told myself don’t use this platform to go political.

One reason for that is that up until 2016, politics have never really been my cup of tea… until I started actually paying attention to safe space needing, weak minded liberals, but sometimes some things need to be said.

There is a story in the news I find objectionable. – Elementary schooler asked by administrator to remove most of his Trump costume for ‘Super Hero Day’ — and folks are not pleased

I am one of those folks that are not pleased, and I’ll leave it up to you to go read that story before reading my comments.

There is a child who chose HIS hero for “Super Hero Day”, not someone else’s hero based on personal political views.

What we have in my opinion is a grown ass adult, or what is supposed to GROWN, acting offended over a child’s costume. I think that is weak, and pathetic on the school administrator’s part.

I can guarantee you that if that child had worn an “Obama” costume, there would not have been any demand to remove any part of it.

In my opinion, if teachers and school officials can’t respect the current presidency, then they need to get the fuck out of our schools, and find work as an activist. They don’t do this shit when one of thier lame ass Democrats is in office.

Why the double standards?

Vote For Trump!

I Was Once That Guy Who Hated Gutenburg

Let’s face it. There are a lot of people on this planet who do not adapt well to change easily. We may lie on job applications when they make you take one of those personality tests and say we love changes in our life so much. Please change my work schedule and routine every day. I honestly don’t care. NOT!!!

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All Jacob Blake Had To Do Was Just Stop Walking

Photo credit: Original photo here, by Homero Ochoa. Color effects by David Thrift.

It’s the common denominator in the “cop shoots black guy” news media propaganda scandal (the scandal being that all we ever fucking see on the news are the shootings of black men only – never any white ones, hispanic ones, asians, etc.).

They are always resisting. Always a same similar situation. They are shown in video resisting instructions from the police, and before you know it, mommy dearest (or some other kin) of the next injured or deceased black man is on the news crying with a photo of her dead, grown ass son, with his cap and gown photo from high school graduation, if he made it that far, before turning criminal.

Now there are some on this internet, all around the world, who would love to tell me how much they think I should have better respect for criminals than what I just wrote above. Let me just say how I feel about that. FUCK A MOTHERFUCKER WHO LIFTS UP CRIMINALS BEFORE LIFTING UP THEMSELVES TO LIVING A BETTER LIFE AND WHO THINKS THEY HAVE SOME AUTHORITY TO TELL ME WHO TO RESPECT.

Do I think it’s sad what happens in these situations? Of course. I don’t like watching anyone get hurt or killed in the news. Do I sit around race baiting these things like the mobs do? Hell no, and fuck no! You take race out of these encounters and you will see clearly, the criminals all dieing the same damn way… resisting the police… because they have charges, have prior charges, risk going to jail, risk going back to jail, or just flat out think they are above the law.

Jacob Blake had his kids in his car. A real father that cares about his kids, would not turn his back to a police officer who has a gun pointed at him, walk around his car, open the door, reach in (again with his back turned to the police) to grab who knows what (probably / maybe a gun).

I’ll bet some of you reading this want me to feel sorry for JB don’t you? Well I don’t. I’m just going to stay busy living my perfect white priviledged life some folks out in the big cities are accusing us white folks of having, writing about self entitled fools I see come up on the news when they decide they’re above the law, and get shown otherwise.

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Some Porn Stars Aren’t Just Great For Porn

Some porn stars are good at providing for society in ways that don’t involve XXX. I just wanted to point out that I’ve been following a former porn star on Facebook for quite some time. His name is Seth Adkins. What I think makes Seth unique is his love for growing vegetables to donate each year. Follow his page on Facebook for modeling shots and to keep up with his gardening news. Also catch Seth on Instagram @sethadkins01.

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Way Too Much Time Shopping For A New Desktop Calculator

Photo credit: Caleb Holden

How much time does a person need to shop online for a new desktop calculator? Well apparently if you are me today (Wednesday, August 26th, 2020), you need more than an hour… and if you are picky as hell like I am, you won’t find one that suits you either. It’s not like I actually need a new calculator. In fact, I have one sitting right in front of me on my home office desk… but you know how it is right, when you get it in your head that the one you have is “not good enough”. So apparently I’m in the market for a new calculator, and my search for one continues on to another day because I’ve wasted enough time this morning shopping.

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Jackie O Never Promised You A Forever Rose Garden

Photo credit: Gabe Rebra

It was released in the news recently that Melania Trump, our beautiful First Lady has completed renovations on the White House Rose Garden. There have been a lot of negative comments that lend no valuable reason why it shouldn’t be updated with a new look. I wonder do the haters whine and complain when McDonald’s renovates their lobbies? I doubt it, but they were nut balls on Twitter over it.

I will keep this blog post short simply by saying that I love the new look, and will lend no other recognition to haters in this blog post that feel otherwise. Here is a short video on YouTube if you would like to see the new look and haven’t already.

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Remembering The Old Days Of Social Media At Talk City

Photo credit: Vitor Pinto. Color effects by David Thrift.

It’s Tuesday morning, August 25th, 2020 at 4:25 AM CST as I begin writing this. A thought (memory) just popped in my mind about the very first website (that I remember and participated in) that served as a social media network, before social media really became mainstream. I think it even existed before Myspace came along. I’m talking about Talk City (talkcity.com – which is still on the internet as of this blog post, but with a near blank page now referencing chat rooms on Delphi Forums).

The Talk City that I remember from around 1998 (give or take a few years), was a simple website in it’s structure, but gave it’s users the ability to follow, comment, chat, etc. The thing I remember most about it was that when you made connections in that network, you could make some really good connections that mattered. Well you can do that today still on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I guess there was just something about Talk City that sticks with you, even after many, many years since it’s network went down.

I checked the forums that were linked on the talkcity.com website which appear to be active, although I can’t imagine the forums could possibly be as fun as the old Talk City was. Maybe I’ll check them out one day and see.

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My Top 4 Music Genres According To Spotify

Photo credit: Tom Bixler

It’s Monday night, August 24th, 2020 at 11:39 PM CST, as I begin to write this. I was just sitting at my desk in my home office browsing Spotify to find some new music to listen to. As I clicked over to the search page on Spotify, I noticed at the top of the page, it showed that my top genres are Dance / Electronic, Rock, Pop, and Country, all in that order. It is small pieces of information like that which makes me enjoy using the Spotify service so much, and seeing those genres listed in that order is an accurate depiction of my music listening habits over the last 5 years or more. My listening habits have shifted more into EDM and trance music more than anything these days.

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Talking About Talent

Photo credit: Mat Reding

This post inspired by no life having miserable people who spend their days on social media wasting bandwidth and worthy people’s time.

Wanna know something about talent?

The first ones to doubt you on the internet, are always the ones who hide behind fake profiles.

They probably have some lame cartoon character picture as their profile photo, go by a weird name that doesn’t make sense, and owns no website (an account on Twitter, Instagram, etc. is not a website).

There is also a class of people who will, when asked, tell you their day job (whatever it is) is where their talent is.

I have a problem with people who fit these descriptions. These people that come on the internet running their fuckin’ mouth (coward keyboard warrior style), who play on social media all day trying to discredit someone (myself or someone else) who puts a lot of effort into his or her content creations.

The reality in my book by these comparisons, is that talent only really exists when you have busted your ass for years, earned your way into a day (or night) job that allows you nearly all of your time on the clock to work on your own businesses that bring you joy and profits.

Don’t ever tell me that I’m not talented, because I get paid to work and play, and you would not be reading this on my website without my talent that brought you here.

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