Day Trip 001 Photo Ebook

Day Trip 001 Photo Ebook

It’s finally here. My photo ebook DAY TRIP 001 which is 380 pages long with 364 full page photos in pdf format. In this ebook, I’m taking you along for my drive to Veasey Creek Park on West Point Lake on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2022. I am giving you my dashmount + shutter button road and traffic photography of the trip to the lake, and then dozens of photos of the scenery at the lake that day. Then there are more road photos on my return drive. This ebook sets the stage for my new DAY TRIP photo ebook series. In each ebook throughout this series I will focus on giving you the full photo collection from each trip that I take to the lake.

DAY TRIP 001 is being presented to you as a free watermarked version, as well as a premium version which does not contain watermarks. So you have your choice. You can get the ebook to enjoy indefinitely for free if you would like, or if you would like to support my work to keep these ebooks coming, you can purchase it without watermarks from my Gumroad ebook store. All of the access links you need are provided below.

View This Ebook On Issuu

If you would like, you can view this photo ebook in it’s entirety before downloading your free copy. Click this link to view this ebook on Issuu, and you can go to my MUDPIX OUTDOORS publisher’s page to view all of the ebooks and my newsletters that I have uploaded there.

Download A Free Copy

I am happy to give you a free download of this ebook. Please bear in mind that this free version contains watermarked photos. No worries, the watermarks are not extremely intrusive, but are necessary to deter theft of my work. I hope you understand, and I hope that you enjoy your free copy. Just click the download link below to get your copy.

  • Pages – 380
  • File Type – PDF
  • File size – 72.65 MB

Support My Work and Buy The Premium Version

The primary focus of my outdoor photography has always been to give people an easy way to enjoy the scenery that I love so much to photograph when I go on my day trips to the lakes. This is why I provide some free versions of my photo ebooks. This work however does not come without expenses. If you love my work that I put into these ebooks, please consider purchasing the premium versions. The premium version of DAY TRIP 001 is the same as the free version you can download above, however does not contain watermarks on the photos and is priced affordably.

Click here to go over to my Gumroad ebook store to make your purchase. For your convenience, here is a link to the main page in my ebook store where you can see all of the premium photo ebooks I have for sale. Thank you very much for your purchases, and for supporting my work as a digital creator.

Buy My Ebooks

Find and purchase all of my ebooks here in my ebook store at Gumroad. You will find my MUDPIX MAGAZINE photo ebook series which features hundreds of my outdoor photos taken at Lake Harding, and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia. You will also find my Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia (great for Wikipedia buffs), and also my UNSPLASHED photo ebook series, a free ebook series, which features photography from great photographers at Unsplash. Your purchase of my ebooks and support of my work is very much appreciated!!


In April 2022, I began writing and sharing my newsletter, titled MUDWALKER. This newsletter comes with my latest site updates, and also lots of other content such as links to useful & interesting websites, music lists, resources, and more. It is a free pdf published monthly between the 1st and 5th of each month (sometimes earlier depending on my schedule). You can get the latest issue here.

Lists (coming soon)

A large part of what makes a great resource for information, are the lists I write and maintain. Check out the lists below that may interest you.

Podcast Spotlights (coming soon)

Podcast Spotlights are a new thing I started doing in September 2020. I have to admit that I don’t listen to many podcasts myself personally. If I do listen to one, it’s usually the Armin Van Buuren’s ASOT (A State Of Trance) podcast. My Podcast Spotlights are a way for me to connect with more favorite Podcasts, while also highlighting some that you may enjoy. See the list below of the current Podcast Spotlights.

Alabama (1) Apps (1) Art (2) BEGINNING (1) Blogging (1) Boox (1) Camaro (1) Cars (1) Chevrolet (1) Chromebook (1) Clouds (1) Community (1) Crafting (1) Crochet (2) Directory (18) Earth (1) Ebooks (1) Facebook (18) Fitness (1) Fungi (1) Gay (2) Gemstones (1) Geology (1) Geometry (1) Georgia (1) Gumroad (1) Knitting (2) Lighthouses (1) Minerals (1) MobiScribe (1) Mushrooms (1) Music (1) National Parks (1) Newsletter (4) Plants (1) Reinkstone (1) Remarkable (1) Rocks (1) Sewing (1) Software (1) Trees (1) Updates (2) Veasey Creek Park (1) Weird (1) West Point Lake (1)

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May 2022





An original design slouchy crochet multi-color beanie made by David Thrift, owner of DudeCapz Beanie Store, online at Storenvy.

Did you know that I am a knitter, and a crocheter? Did you also know that I have a beanie store on Storenvy where I sell my hand-knit, and crochet hats for men and women. They are one size fits all, so they are great for anyone 12 and up. Click here to go over to my shop and find your new favorite beanie for yourself, a friend, or your loved ones. Shipping for these items is to any of the 48 contiguous United States.




A list of notable events happening in 2022. These events come from Twitter. If you are on Twitter, then you may have already seen these, and if not, I have these listed so that you can check them out. Follow me on Twitter @MrDThrift for my latest updates.

2022-05-11-WED @ 12:16 PM CST – Texas fisherman catches a 300-pound fish of a lifetime – and then he let it go – Payton Moore traveled Houston’s bayou, determined to catch one of the largest alligator gars Texas has potentially ever seen. –

2022-05-10-TUE @ 3:33 PM CST – Deep-sea researchers spot ‘yellow brick road to Atlantis’ while exploring ocean floor – It was the crew onboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus who caught sight of the formation. ‘It’s the road to Atlantis,’ a researcher on the radio can be heard saying. ‘The yellow brick road?’ another adds. The strange-looking feature, which resembles a road paved in cobblestones, was located in the Liliʻuokalani Ridge in the Papahānaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) in the Pacific Ocean –

2022-04-13-WED @ 10:29 AM CST – Neptune experiences an unexplained shift in temperature – Neptune, the farthest planet in our solar system is experiencing a shift in temperature that scientists can’t explain. –

2022-03-09-WED @ 9:23 AM CST – TIME’s Women of the Year 2022 – The list highlights 12 extraordinary leaders working toward a more equal world. –

2022-03-09-WED @ 8:43 AM CST – The wreck of Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship, is found – Explorers and researchers have located Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915. –


Healing yourself can be offensive to those that benefited from your brokenness.


Actions always prove why words mean nothing.


It’s not that serious. Focus on your work. – David Thrift

More quotes available in my newsletter. – I am a collector of meaningful quotes and sayings. You can find my entire collection in my free MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER. Get it here. It’s a free pdf download.

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Update: Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 – Work is still going on with setting up my website here with the new look and upcoming content. You can check my UPDATES page to see the latest updates as they happen.


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