Damn! My Laptop Crashed This Morning

What a bummer. My Dell laptop model 3358 (old and no longer supported) hard drive crashed this morning as hard drives are bound to do over time.

You can probably guess that I am one of those people who do not regularly back up my files… and I will pay dearly for it over time because I have lost a lot of really important files today. I’m extremely sad and a bit distraught over it. But it was my fault.

My laptop was getting old, and I trusted my hard drive too much. Also over the past couple of months I have been pushing my hard drive a lot with editing and file transfers.

I can’t believe I didn’t back up my files though. The bad thing is though, I had been telling myself lately that I needed to back up all of my files. I had it in my mind to go buy flash drives or an external hard drive to store my files on, but I didn’t get around to doing it.

Oh well, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I’ll just try to learn from my mistake.

When I get my next laptop, I’m planning to save new files directly to MicroSD cards and flash drives. That way, if I have another crash, then I won’t have to worry about files on the hard drive. Also my next laptop will have a solid drive (SSD), so hopefully that will help alleviate another crash.

Here is a photo below of a Gateway 14.1 inch screen laptop I’m considering.

It has an i5 processor, with 16gb RAM, and 256gb SSD. That’s not a lot of storage space on the SSD, but I think it’s enough for downloading and running all the software I use.

It has a small footprint of about 13 X 9 inches and weighs only about 3 pounds. So it will definitely bring easier portability than my old laptop has.

I will have to wait around a little while to buy it because it’s currently out of stock.

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