Democrats Stand Back And Fuck Off

When I built this website, I told myself don’t use this platform to go political.

One reason for that is that up until 2016, politics have never really been my cup of tea… until I started actually paying attention to safe space needing, weak minded liberals, but sometimes some things need to be said.

There is a story in the news I find objectionable. – Elementary schooler asked by administrator to remove most of his Trump costume for ‘Super Hero Day’ — and folks are not pleased

I am one of those folks that are not pleased, and I’ll leave it up to you to go read that story before reading my comments.

There is a child who chose HIS hero for “Super Hero Day”, not someone else’s hero based on personal political views.

What we have in my opinion is a grown ass adult, or what is supposed to GROWN, acting offended over a child’s costume. I think that is weak, and pathetic on the school administrator’s part.

I can guarantee you that if that child had worn an “Obama” costume, there would not have been any demand to remove any part of it.

In my opinion, if teachers and school officials can’t respect the current presidency, then they need to get the fuck out of our schools, and find work as an activist. They don’t do this shit when one of thier lame ass Democrats is in office.

Why the double standards?

Vote For Trump!