Random Things Digest 007

Random Things Digest 007

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You have 15 topics to explore in this digest.

It’s Monday morning, October 26th, 2020 @ 12:00 AM CST as I begin to post this 7th edition of Random Things Digest. It’s been almost a month since Monday morning, September 28th, 2020 when I posted the last archive of Random Things in this series.

Before we get into the Random Things Digest, I must give the latest news on what is going on here at DDAVIDD.com

I have canned my ebook project, Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia, as I didn’t feel like it was going anywhere, and it was taking up too much of my time. I have chosen to spend more of my time that I would normally spend doing that to work on organizing and building my MP3 music collection… something I have intended to do for years.

So if you’ve recently noticed that I haven’t been posting Random Things as often lately, it is because I’ve been spending a lot of time editing my MP3 files.

Also since we are nearing the next presidential election, I’ve been spending time following the news. More specifically the news about Hunter Biden and his sex tape scandal that is all over GTV. I won’t spend a lot of time writing about that. I’ll just say I think it’s ridiculous how Democrats have acted during Donald Trump’s term as president and now we’re getting all this scandalous news coming out of China.

We’re now closing out this edition of Random Things I listed on my home page recently. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. So you should check out that page daily to keep up with the latest things I find that are interesting. If you missed them however during the week, here they are for you. These are links to articles, news events (usually twitter news events – but also mainstream news), sometimes products I see that you may find useful from an ad I’ve seen, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow. None of these links are sponsored. I share this information at my own choosing.

001. Tandy 1000 – The Best MS-DOS Computer In 1984

I’m almost certain my (at the time) best friend had a model of the Tandy 1,000 computer, although I’m not sure which model it was. I do remember playing games on it though, and I remember being jealous and I wanted one. Take a look back in time in this video to one of the most popular lines of computers that started mainstream home use here. 2020-10-22-THU-22:43-CST

002. OneTab – Clear Up Your Tab Clutter In Firefox

It is often very easy to get stuck in Firefox with so many tabs open that you start forgetting what exactly you have open, especially if you are constantly looking things up and leaving them open in your browser to “get back to later”. The problem with this is that you can start forgetting things you were working on to begin with, and having tons of tabs open in your browser can bog your computer’s system resources down. A very easy way to manage your open tabs is to convert them to a list of urls (URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” – AKA web address). OneTab lets you accomplish this very easily with one click. It takes all your tabs, removes them, and puts the urls for those tabs in a clickable list so that you have only one tab open in your browser. From that list, you can re-open any tab you want to get back to, and concentrate on just the content you need when you need it. It also includes a handy export option so that you can copy all of your links into your own personal list to be stored elsewhere (I use Google Keep for things like that). Try it out if you need a simple way to manage your Firefox tabs. 2020-10-20-TUE-18:19-CST

003. ‘Take On Me’: How a-ha’s Signature Song Became Their Biggest Obstacle

On this day 35 years ago, A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ reached #1 on the US Billboard Chart. Read about it at Dig! 2020-10-19-MON-09:26-CST

004. Dark Reader – Automatically Transform Websites To Dark Mode For Eye Saving Browsing

How to enable Dark Mode on Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Google Search, Wikipedia, Twitter and many other websites? Install Dark Reader browser extension. Configure the dark theme: brightness, contrast and sepia. Enable for all websites or particular domains. If you are a fan of “dark mode” like I am (especially when browsing the internet at night), then you will love this browser extension. It is for Firefox (my preferred browser), Chrome, Safari, and Edge. This browser extension will allow you to browse all of your favorite websites in dark mode. It transforms white pages to dark pages automatically, and it’s settings give you full control over any website you may not want it to transform. It wasn’t long ago that I wished there was a way to surf the internet in dark mode, and had no idea this extension existed until this morning when I was doing an add-on update and saw it as a suggestion. I decided to try it, and instantly loved it. Try it out if you want to save your eyes. Get Dark Reader for your browser here. 2020-10-19-MON-03:09-CST

005. FlacSquisher – Convert FLAC To MP3

FLAC files are great for lossless audio, however FLAC files are very large files, and trying to use them on your smartphone or media player devices is a hassle when it comes to storage. With FlacSquisher, a free and simple software, you can convert your high quality FLAC files into mp3 format and save storage space. I’ve personally used it, and it’s amazing to take a FLAC file collection that totals 1GB down to 335MB for a two cd music album (just an example – results vary per your specifications when converting). 2020-10-18-SUN-23:28-CST

006. Some Links Regarding Music Collecting

If you’ve been following my website, then you’ll know that I’ve recently gotten back into music collecting. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually organized my music into a “collection”, although I have for years been collecting music in a digital format. This morning I went to Google to search “music collectors” out of curiosity to see if I might find anything interesting to check out. I found this article, Music Collectors Talk About Why They Still Bother in the 21st Century, and one of my favorite points of the article said by a collector was that he had no use for a digital collection because he basically prefers a full album package. In my life today, I’m completely opposite, I prefer mp3’s, and I also enjoy creating my own album covers for my digital collection. The other link I’d like to highlight is Collectors’ Choice Music. This is an online music store which specializes in many genres of popular music. What I like about Collector’s Choice is that they have a catalog (both print and digital)… and I love catalog shopping, and collecting catalogs… especially if in digital format. See also: Greatest Hits Collections on Collectors’ Choice Music. 2020-10-18-SUN-04:20-CST

007. Crumbs For Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Having recently gotten Inoreader RSS aggregator set up, I am now able to start pinpointing more content to share. Here’s some tech news articles from Engadget that may interest you. Canon’s pocket-sized PowerShot Zoom is part camera, part nature gazer – – – Nanoleaf adds Triangles to its colorful Shapes light panels – – – From Open Culture: 11 Hypnotic, Close-Up Minutes Watching Tool’s Legendary Drummer Danny Carey in Action – – – 2020-10-17-SAT-19:48-CST

008. Casse-O-Player – A Cool Retro Cassette Deck (MP3 Player) For Your Android Phone

There are currently a ton of various Android mp3 players you can download to play your mp3s with on your Android smartphone or tablet. One of my favorites is Casse-O-Player. It’s graphics and animations mimic a retro cassette tape player. I use it on my tablet and smartphone and it’s a blast for nostalgia. The app’s developer has even designed add-on packs which gives you tons of extra cassette tape graphics over all of the ones that come with the initial app. 2020-10-15-THU-18:14-CST

009. Jamendo – Discover Independent Music Artists and Download Free MP3’s

Jamendo is a website I discovered recently where independent music artists are uploading their music, free for you to check out, play through your web browser on any device, and also download free mp3 files if you like the music. 2020-10-14-WED-19:48-CST

010. Nature Book Lists At Goodreads

One of the ideas I have for an upcoming newsletter I’m planning to start publishing, is to include a section of books I recommend. Not necessarily books I’ve personally read, but some books that fit my interests in nature and other topics (but probably mostly nature) that I might be interested to read, and that I think you may enjoy reading. So I went over to Goodreads this morning and searched for some nature related books. I found this page with lists of Nature Book Lists you may be interested to check out. 2020-10-02-FRI-04:02-CST

011. Explore a Digital Archive of Student Notebooks from Around the World (1773-Present)

To bring back memories of your schooldays, there’s nothing quite like the sight of your old exercise books. This holds true whether you went to school in Ghana in the 2010sItaly in the 90s, France in the 80sChina in the 70sJapan in the 60s, or India in the 50s. All of these examples and many more have come available to view at the Exercise Book Archive, an “ever-growing, participatory archive of old exercise books that allows everyone to discover the history, education, and daily life of children and youth of the past.” All of the entries include the relevant book’s front cover — already a Proustian viewing experience for any who had them growing up — and some feature scans of the interior pages, student writing and all. – More info here from Open Culture. 2020-10-02-FRI-03:27-CST

012. Finally Getting Started With Inoreader

Tonight (this early morning) I’m finally getting around to setting up Inoreader to aggregate my website news feeds. I’ve mentioned it before, and now that I’ve signed on with it and started playing around with it’s features, I recommend it to anyone who follows many websites to sign up and give it a try. 2020-10-02-FRI-02:58-CST

013. Advice About External Harddrive Storage And Packing

Don’t throw your harddrives into the outside pocket of your backpack with it’s proprietary cable connected to it. I just discovered I have bent the connector on mine and I’m in panic mode to get a new harddrive. Fortunately mine is still working right now, but I’m feeling stupid for not taking better care of my equipment. 2020-10-01-THU-01:47-CST

014. Koalas Could End Up On The Endangered Species List In Australia

The koala may be Australia’s most iconic species, but the country is considering upgrading it to an endangered listing as its numbers continue to fall. It is one of 28 species under consideration for a change of status by the Australian government. Full story here at Lonely Planet. 2020-10-01-THU-00:50-CST

015. Texas Officials Warn Of Brain-eating Amoeba In Tap Water Near Houston

On Friday night, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a warning to several communities near Houston, advising residents to avoid drinking tap water due to the potential presence of brain-eating amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. Authorities lifted the warning for some, but not all, communities on Saturday. More news from Twitter here. 2020-09-26-SAT-18:23-CST

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