Random Things Digest 006

Random Things Digest 006

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It’s Monday morning, September 28th, 2020 @ 3:43 AM CST as I begin to post this 5th edition of Random Things Digest. It almost slipped my mind to get this archive post up on the website… ooops! I hope your weekend was a great one, and that you’re looking forward to a productive week starting tomorrow.

Some things mentioned in the last Random Things Digest 005 edition are carrying over in this 006 edition.

Written last week: This past week has been extremely busy, busy, busy! I’ve been trying to get my workflow in order with the use of a new (to me) task managing app called Todoist. Long story short, that app did not lived up to my expectations, but I’m not giving up completely on using it. I’m giving Google Sheets a try for a very basic task list manager using one of it’s spreadsheet templates. So far I like it I think, and the past week using it to manage my tasks has been far from perfect, but it has been manageable. – – – UPDATE 2020-09-28-MON @ 03:50 – This past week, I haven’t been diving into my task list so much because it is the time of month when I have to focus on getting Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia ready to be published for the upcoming month, so my task list management routine is on hold for development.

I’ve finished my Kaleidoscope Art Ebook, so it is now available to purchase in my ebook store on Gumroad.

We’re closing out the 6th week of Random Things I listed on my home page over the past week. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. So you should check out that page daily to keep up with the latest things I find that are interesting. If you missed them however during the week, here they are for you. These are links to articles, news events (usually twitter news events – but also mainstream news), sometimes products I see that you may find useful from an ad I’ve seen, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow. None of these links are sponsored. I share this information at my own choosing. These are all now available in this archive digest.

001. @libroprestade On Twitter – Get Some Ebooks At The Internet Archive

Libros del archive, olvidados, admirables. Soy un script, simulando ser un bot. – Translated: Books from the archive (The Internet Archive), forgotten, admirable. I am a script, pretending to be a bot. I just happened to be settled in for some Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia work tonight, and loaded up Tweetdeck on my laptop to watch for some cool tweets to retweet in the #art, #nature, and #lakelife hashtags when I saw this interesting Twitter account come across the #nature stream. It caught my attention because it mentioned a link to a ebook on The Internet Archive… and well, I’m kind of a junkie for cool, vintage ebooks on the Internet Archive. So I decided to check out the Twitter page. What I found is a page full of tweets containing links to many ebooks on The Internet Archive. After a quick scroll, it appears this account is focused on nature subjects. I’m cool with that. So I’m sharing the Twitter account for those who may find interest – @libroprestade. 2020-09-23-THU-07:21-CST

002. Katsushika Hokusai Drawings

Art fans will be interested to learn that 103 newly-rediscovered drawings by Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai, have been acquired by the British Museum in London. Created in 1829 as illustrations for an unpublished book, Great Picture Book of Everything, they are available to the public to view online. More info here. 2020-09-23-WED-07:21-CST

003. Autumn River Sounds – Relaxing Nature Video

I’ve mentioned this relaxation video before. Here is another one I decided to give a watch/listen to this morning while going over my upcoming tasks for this week. It is from TheSilentWatcher and is called Autumn River Sounds – Relaxing Nature Video. This high definition video has had over 2.7 million views since Nov 30, 2015 and is 9 hours long. It is filmed in one location showing a river flowing downstream toward a bridge with fall color leaves scattered everywhere. If you have a spare monitor set up at your workstation, this is a great relaxing video to stream while getting your computer work done. It’s kind of a great way to connect with nature while working indoors. Here is a blog post from TheSilentWatcher’s website giving information and photos about the location where this video was filmed. 2020-09-23-WED-02:21-CST

004. How the CIA Made a Checklist on Photographing UFO Sightings

In the late 1950s, an anonymous man explored space from his backyard using his telescope. Just like many of you, he was fascinated by what’s out there. And what he found intrigued the CIA. Some probably thought that he was crazy. But a report details the high-resolution photography and emulsions he was using to get the photos. Strange objects were appearing not far from the moon. The CIA received things like this all the time, but the outstanding, high-resolution images this man shot began a vintage X-Files series of investigations. It concerned them enough that they started studies almost 62 years ago. Get the full article from The Phoblographer here. 2020-09-21-MON-04:01-CST

005. Explore Instagram Locations Directory

Did you know that Instagram has a Locations Directory? Yes it does, and it can connect you to finding photos people from all over the world have posted. Here is just one interesting place I discovered through this directory: Skeleton Skin Tattoo in Carson City, Nevada. 2020-09-21-MON-02:31-CST

006. Try Out Transno

I have stumbled on something this morning that I find interesting. It is called Transno, and what it is, is a simple note taking tool that combines outlining with mind mapping. I am not unfamiliar with the outlining technique of writing notes, however I have not had a need to write an outline for anything since outlining was taught to me in junior high school, or somewhere around that timeframe of my life. As I was reading up on the functionality of the app this morning, I started thinking that giving Transno a try might be a great way to outline some things in my life such as all of my website work, home improvement projects, plus other things, and see if I can bring some order and organized visualization to the chaos that is basically my entire workflow both personal and professional. Why not give it a try right? Transno gives you a generous 5,000 topics (lines of information in your outlines), plus a mindmap of your outline, and some nice looking basic themes, all for free. You could literally use this tool to write a book. Check out Transno here. 2020-09-20-SUN-07:11-CST

Update: Just wanted to share that I have started using Transno this morning, and in a very short time I am loving it so far. I have discovered that it has the ability to export your outline document to PDF (I’m a PDF junkie when it comes to exporting, so that is awesome to me), but not just that. It can export a specific section of your outline to PDF. As of this update I have only 20 items in my first outline and this tool is proving worthy of my time so far. I have not yet downloaded the Transno app yet, so I do not know how intuitive that is yet, but I can say the online browser version that I’m using in Firefox is on point and works as expected, and it looks beautiful. 2020-09-20-SUN-08:45-CST

007. Using Todoist To Be More Productive

Some time ago recently I mentioned that I have started to use a task manager app called Todoist. Since the last time I mentioned this app, I ran into it’s free version limitations, and based on how fast that happened, I’m not happy with it. I’m also not happy with the way it does not keep your completed tasks. Once you check off a task as completed, it is gone for good. There is no unchecking the task so that you can do it over as a recurring task. You must set a schedule for your tasks in Todoist. I don’t like that, because 95% of all my task do not require a due date. I’m not totally dismissing the app though because it is kind of nifty in how it can organize your tasks, and I’m interested to keep learning more about it, and even how others use Todoist in their daily routine. So before I completely blow it off, I am utilizing Google Sheets and a basic To-Do List template it has to manage my work flow. I discovered using a spreadsheet for tasks awhile back, and honestly am shocked at myself for not having made that process a daily part of my workflow. I’ll use Todoist in the meantime to catch task ideas into until I can move them to my spreadsheet. For anyone who would like to know more about Todoist, I found this article from the Art Of Manliness website. 2020-09-20-SUN-04:24-CST

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