Random Things Digest 004

Random Things 004

Photo credit: Jessica Wong

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It’s Monday morning, September 13th, 2020 @ 12:48 PM CST as I begin to post this 4th edition of Random Things Digest. I hope your weekend was a great one, and that you’re looking forward to a productive week starting tomorrow.

For me, this past week has been extremely busy, busy, busy! I’ve been trying to get my workflow in order with the use of a new (to me) task managing app called Todoist. Long story short, that app so far has not lived up to my expectations so far, but I’m not giving up completely on using it. I did end up giving Google Sheets a try for a very basic task list manager using one of it’s spreadsheet templates. So far I like it I think. I’ve managed to start up a couple of new blogs that I’ll be setting up and adding into my personal network. One is a music blog to track the music I’m listening to on Spotify (something to reference mainly for myself), and the other one is called Bad Ass Trucks, and by the name of it, I’m sure you can guess what it will be about. I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my Kaleidoscope Art Ebook, so it will be coming up in my ebook store on Gumroad. It will be a free ebook, so look for it soon. You can keep up with all of my progress on it at my home page.

We’re closing out the 4th week of Random Things I listed on my home page over the past week. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. So you should check out that page daily to keep up with the latest things I find that are interesting. If you missed them however during the week, here they are for you. These are links to articles, news events (usually twitter news events – but also mainstream news), sometimes products I see that you may find useful from an ad I’ve seen, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow. None of these links are sponsored. I share this information at my own choosing. These are all now available in this archive digest.

001. From Crest, Cliff, and Canyon – West Burning

Fire and beautiful photos. Read here. 2020-09-12-SAT-18:36-CST

002. Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly 🦋 From Mike Powell

See this beautiful speckled green butterfly here. 2020-09-12-SAT-07:24-CST

003. Prickly Poppies From Nature Has No Boss

From the blog post: “Prickly Poppies are a wonderful wildflower to have around. On our daily walks we can rest assured we will find some in bloom. Once found, we can stop for a moment and enjoy the show as beetles, bees and ants do their work pollinating these delicate flowers. Even now, as fall approaches and most of the other wildflowers have lost their blooms, a few Prickly Poppies are still going strong.” See all the photos and full reading here. 2020-09-12-SAT-07:01-CST

004. Rosemary Beetle – 2 Beautiful Photos From A Nature Journey

See the detailed photos here. 2020-09-12-SAT-06:55-CST

005. Geologists Discover 100 Million Year Old Meteorite Crater In Australia

Buried deep in the ground of the outback of Western Australia geologists have discovered the scars of a large 100 million-year-old meteorite crater. Read the full article by Sasha Brady at Lonely Planet here. 2020-09-12-SAT-06:34-CST

006. Hatteras Island Pays Tribute To The Fallen Heroes Of 9/11 With Lighthouse Walk

Volunteer firefighters, first responders, and members of the U.S. Coast Guard honored the fallen heroes of 9/11 on Friday morning with a 1.3-mile walk from the Buxton Fire Station to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Get the full story from IFP here. 2020-09-12-SAT-06:13-CST

007. JLAB Audio

I’ve been a fan of JLAB’s bluetooth earbuds and headphones for awhile, and have bought (and still own) several models of their products. I recommend checking them out here. 2020-09-11-FRI-20:39-CST

008. DJ TurnProject

Check out DJ TurnProject on Facebook, and this Trance music LIVE SET on YouTube. 2020-09-11-FRI-07:21-CST

009. Basic Guide To Marimo Moss Balls

We often hear many people say they have a black thumb or ask about the easiest plants to care for. Marimo might be the plant for you no matter what color your thumbs are. Get the details from Houseplant Addicts here. 2020-09-10-THU-04:36-CST

010. The Kiss of Life – A Utility Worker Giving Mouth-To-Mouth To Co-worker After He Contacted A Low Voltage Wire, 1967

Taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito, this photo called “The Kiss of Life” shows a utility worker named J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker Randall G. Champion after he went unconscious following contact with a low voltage line. See the photo and read the full story from Rare Historical Photos here. 2020-09-10-THU-04:11-CST

011. Beach Cameras Capture Footage of Isaias’ Arrival in Florida

From Space Coast Daily, dated August 2nd, 2020. See videos here. 2020-09-10-THU-03:25-CST

012. In the 1940s, Men Dressed in Short Shorts and Cowboy Boots Served Up Women at a Drive Through in Dallas

What’s funny is this isn’t a completely new idea in Dallas. In the 1940s, men dressed in short shorts and cowboy boots served up women at a drive through across the street from Love Field. Read the full article from Vintage News Daily here. 2020-09-10-THU-03:18-CST

013. The Straight Men Doing Gay For Pay On OnlyFans and JustForFans

The popularity of the exclusive, X-rated content-hosting fan sites has seen a new generation of heterosexual men making soft porn accounts for gay audiences, and detoxifying masculinity on the way. In other words, they’re doing what they want to do, getting paid for it… and that’s totally ok.. and fuck what anyone thinks about it. Full article from DAZED here. 2020-09-10-THU-02:20-CST

014. Wildfires Rage Across the Entire West Coast of the United States

Dozens of large fires are causing poor air quality, evacuations and severe damage across Washington, Oregon and California. Keep it here for more updates on the continuing fires. See Twitter event coverage here. 2020-09-09-WED-23:12-CST

What’s Happening – Wildfires are raging across the entire West Coast of the US from Washington State to Southern California – The Bear Fire has destroyed structures in Oroville, California and evacuation warnings have been put in place for Paradise, California, which burned in 2018″s Camp Fire – Communities near Medford, Oregon have burned down – Mass evacuations have been ordered across California and southwestern Oregon.

015. Thanks To This Photo Post On Instagram

I learned a new word – Seanis. 😂😂😂 2020-09-09-WED-05:32-CST

016. Todoist Task Manager

I’m trying out a new (to me) Android task manager app help to me get my daily tasks done. It’s called Todoist and I think I like it. Here’s the Google Play Store link if you would like to check it out, or just search for it. 2020-09-09-WED-02:06-CST

017. Antheraea Polyphemus. Basically A Tarantula With Wings.

Aw hell naw! Nature is so cruel sometimes. See this thing here on Facebook. 2020-09-08-TUE-14:59-CST

018. I May Be Slightly Jealous Of Jessica’s New Plant Stand

But it wouldn’t fit anywhere in my house anyway. See it here on Facebook. 2020-09-08-TUE-14:52-CST

019. What’s Inside Of The White House?

Let Jared Owen show you here on YouTube. 2020-09-08-TUE-10:47-CST

020. 10 Best RSS Readers to Stay on Top of Your Feeds – From TechWombat

I’m looking for an RSS Reader to start putting all of my favorite blogs and website feeds into so that I can keep up with them all in one place. Actually I already have a Feedly account for quite a long time that I never really started using it, however tonight I’ve discovered that they actually have a limit on how many sources you can follow. That limit is 100, and then you must pay $72 a year ($6 monthly – billed at once) to follow more. To be honest, 100 sources is a great start, but I just can’t see myself building up my research sources on Feedly’s platform just to set myself up along the way to pay that much to follow more sources when the time comes. I would create a links page to all the sites I follow and visit them individually before I submit to pay that much for RSS aggregation (and I may do that anyway as there are times when I want to visit and view a source’s full website, and as it stands currently, all of my sources are scattered and it’s kind of tough keeping up with them). All I need is an RSS Reader to show me titles and links from the sources I follow as they publish them, that is accessible online and by Android app, and then I can get what I need from there. I found this list of best RSS readers and will be checking them out, and I thought someone out there may appreciate a link to see them as well, or someone may not even know what an RSS Reader is. You can view the article here. 2020-09-08-TUE-05:18-CST

021. Up To 19 inches Now Possible In Colorado’s Tuesday Snowstorm

Just 48 hours after a heat wave set records in Colorado, big snow is expected to hit. Read about it at Out There Colorado here. 2020-09-08-TUE-01:34-CST

022. Leaked Docs Claim Breonna Taylor Was Managing Drug Dealing Ex’s Money, He Used Her Address As His

From The Blue Voice on Facebook. Get the full story here. 2020-09-07-MON-21:59-CST

023. How The Gateway Arch Was Made – Full Documentary On YouTube

Did you know there are stairs and elevator cars in the St. Louis Gateway Arch? I didn’t. There’s also a lookout room at the top of the Arch as well. See the documentary on YouTube here. 2020-09-07-MON-14:31-CST

024. Why Ocean Scientists Hope Someone Gets Your Message In A Bottle

The world’s oldest message in a bottle recently washed up on the North Sea island of Amrum, in Germany. It was one of 390 such bottles placed in the ocean by scientist George Bidder back in August 1906. During the 110-year voyage, the bottle had travelled just a few hundred miles – hardly a Robinson Crusoe-style call for rescue from a far corner of the globe. But nonetheless Bidder was on to something: such messages were and still are vital for scientists seeking to understand ocean circulation patterns. Get the full article from Universal-Sci here. 2020-09-06-SUN-01:12-CST

025. Dozens of people rescued as Creek Fire spreads near California’s Mammoth Pool Reservoir

Dozens of people were rescued from the Mammoth Pool area and transported to Fresno. Authorities said approximately 150 people were sheltering in place at Mammoth Pool Reservoir as the Creek Fire spread rapidly. See the Twitter event here. 2020-09-06-SUN-00:35-CST

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