Random Things Digest 002

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Sunday evening, August 30th, 2020. It’s the close of week #35 in 2020 and here are the Random Things I listed on my home page over the past week under “Random Things” that you may have missed to check out. Remember I always post these on my home page first before putting them in the blog. These are links to articles, news events, sometimes products I see that you may find useful, and some blog posts from blogs I personally follow.

001. How to Clean Your Luggage After a Trip, Because Germs

I might just be lazy, but I myself just throw everything in the wash, and then my travels (or the one ancient suitcase I own if I take it) goes in a closet or some storage bin in a spare room. How long does Coronavirus live in a sack that probably won’t be touched for months anyway? Get the article here. 2020-08-29-SAT-23:03-CST

002. Learn the ABCs of National Park Jobs

More than 22,000 people protect, preserve, and care for national parks – for all of us. Have you ever thought about what each of those individuals do day-to-day? Get the breakdown here. 2020-08-29-SAT-22:43-CST

003. DIY Witch House Made With Cardboard From Creative Mom

This video on YouTube came up as a suggestion and the final product is pretty amazing, however be warned that it looks very tedious if you gibe it a try. See the video here. I think this video proves that you can create something very cool with very limited supplies. 2020-08-29-SAT-03:48-CST

004. Remarkable 2 Tablet Review From Goodereader

This is a great, basic, but informative video review of the new Remarkable 2 E-Ink note taking tablet. Watch it on YouTube here. Also regarding this tablet is an unboxing video from the same channel here. You may want to watch the unboxing first. 2020-08-29-SAT-02:28-CST

005. In Alabama, Beanie Babies Valued At $4,200 Stolen

Four suspects arrested in connection with thousands of dollars worth of beanie babies stolen. Get the story here. 2020-08-28-FRI-21:18-CST

006. The New British Galleries At The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Get information here. 2020-08-28-FRI-05:39-CST

007. Bob Mizer Foundation On Facebook

Bob Mizer began his photography in 1942, and became known for his controversial (at the time) work in the field of fitness and physiques of men. Visit the Bob Mizer Foundation on Facebook for more info and photos here. 2020-08-26-WED-20:10-CST

008. 7 Browser-based Tools For Designers

A link I shared 4 years ago today. These are tools that work in your browser. From Creative Bloq. Read the article here. 2020-08-26-WED-19:40-CST

009. Blond Moments At The Library Two Years Ago

“Um why am I sitting in the library surfing facebook on my phone when I have wifi for my laptop…. duh!” 2020-08-26-WED-18:38-CST

010. Two Years Ago Today I Bought A 10 Inch Lenovo Android Tablet

This was what I wrote about it online: – – – “Well, it looked good in store, and was in my price range I was looking for and has a 10 inch screen which is good. I just hope it’s better than that RCA junk I bought awhile back. It has 2gb ram and 32gb memory and a card slot. Should be good for what I want it for. Light web browsing, viewing my pdf files, and occasionally listening to my mp3’s (bluetooth on my old tablet is ancient and won’t connect to my headphones – that was the deal breaker that made me get this). Early b-day present too, but been needing an upgrade for a long time.” – – – And now 2 years since then, I am looking for something more substantial. I’m eyeballing Surface Pro 7 or possibly Ipad Pro 12.9″. 2020-08-26-WED-18:36-CST

011. The Uffizi Gallery’s Treasures Are Now Online – See 5 Masterpieces in New Eye-Popping 3D Detail

Millions of people can now study the museum’s remarkable collection of artifacts, fragments, sculptures, and statues online. This is a link I shared 2 years ago from today’s date of this post. Get more details here. 2020-08-26-WED-18:26-CST

012. Buy Me A Coffee

Sign up for an account at buymeacoffee.com and your followers will be able to send you small donations to show their support. 2020-08-26-WED-10:12-CST

013. Tattoo Ink In Water

This video was a total random watch for me on YouTube but I enjoyed it. A tattoo artist puts tattoo ink in a glass of water and the effects are pretty cool. The video is from Seventh Trumpet Tattoos and is only 5 minutes long, so check it out here. 2020-08-26-WED-05:06-CST

014. So Many Book Sites!

I just happened to click on a link from Twitter to this article titled On John Berger and Rediscovering Drawing During Lockdown at Literary Hub about drawing out of curiousity. Funny enough I didn’t read the article, but since I hadn’t yet explored the LIT HUB site since following it on Twitter I decided to do that. Usually the first page I look for when I’m exploring a new (to me) website, is the About page so that I can see what the site is about books and literature. Well here is LIT HUB’s About page, and I’m blown away by how many book sites they have listed as their partners. If you are a fan of books like me, then you may want to check this out. There are a lot of book sites to explore. 2020-08-25-TUE-07:27-CST

015. Udo – U-Turn – Album On Spotify

Occasionally I like to go through artist listings on Spotify found played by Armin Van Buuren (a favorite trance music dj of mine) in his “A State Of Trance” music show and find new artists I’ve never listened to before or heard of. Sometimes I find some really cool trance music, but then sometimes I find something that takes me by surprise that I wasn’t expecting like this album (Spotify link). This album is not trance. It’s more like soft rock / pop / jazz mixed up… and I liked it well enough to listen to almost the whole album (I didn’t listen to the foreign language tracks). I think I liked his version of “Every Time You Go Away” the best across the whole album. His name is Udo Mechels. His profile info on Discogs says that he is a Belgian singer, born in Brussels on May 10, 1976. Winner of the first Belgian edition of the TV show X-Factor in 2005. Here is the album info on Discogs. 2020-08-25-TUE-02:24-CST

016. Police-involved Shooting That Left Man In ‘Serious Condition’ Prompts Protests In Wisconsin (Twitter Event)

A Black man, identified as Jacob Blake, is in a serious condition after police reportedly tasered and shot him several times after he apparently tried to break up a dispute. Videos and photos show protests at the scene and around Kenosha. The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation is looking into the officer-involved shooting. Story here. 2020-08-24-MON-08:05-CST

017. The Best Hikes In The U.S.

These are the best hikes to go on according to Conde Naste. Article here. 2020-08-24-MON-08:03-CST

018. Line Dividers

I’m on the lookout for a nice line divider image I can use to enhance the look of my blog posts and pages (because the wordpress separator block in Gutenburg just isn’t “fancy” enough for my needs). I found these on Google. 2020-08-24-MON-02:45-CST

019. Get Your Introduction To Warren Isensee’s Artwork Like I did With This Article From Hyperallergenic

I instantly became a fan of Warren’s symmetrical artwork when I saw a tweet from Hyperallergenic on Twitter for this article. 2020-08-23-SUN-22:25-CST

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