YouTube Channels I Recommend

Photo credit: Hans Ripa

In this blog post, I am listing YouTube Channels that I subscribe to, watch personally, and recommend for viewing.

Crafts & DIY

It’s not really well known these days ever since photography, art, and writing took over my life, but I have a life-long historical love and practicing in the world of crafting and diy projects. I used to own a hat and jewelry shop on Etsy where I sold my hand knit and crocheted hats, as well as beaded jewelry.

Creative Mom – [link] – Diane makes houses out of simple materials, and even has some tutorials on how she does it. This channel had over 55 million views when I subscribed to it on Saturday, August 29th, 2020.

Gadgets (Tablets, Smartphones, & Computers)

Like many people, I love watching technology develop, especially when it comes to the electronics that power our productivity and communications. Check out some of my favorite gadget channels below.

Goodereader – [here] – This is where I find out about all the e-ink technology and tablets first.

The Ebook Reader – [link] – I started following tbis channel on Saturday, August 29th, 2020. It focuses on e-ink readers and tablets.

Politics and Patriotism

These are people on YouTube I share political views with, even though I try not to get involved in political topics too much.

Conservative Twins (Hodge Twins) – [link] – These fellas talk good sense, and I like listening to their messages.

Heavy Duty Country – [link] – Another good sense talker.

More channels will be listed soon.

This list was started and has been maintained since August 29th, 2020 @ 2:05 AM CST.