I Was Once That Guy Who Hated Gutenburg

Let’s face it. There are a lot of people on this planet who do not adapt well to change easily. We may lie on job applications when they make you take one of those personality tests and say we love changes in our life so much. Please change my work schedule and routine every day. I honestly don’t care. NOT!!!

Well, Gutenburg for WordPress has been out for awhile now, and it is the standard editor going forward. Some people who have been publishing their blog posts with the previous “Classic” editor have lost their minds, and I can somewhat empathize with them. When I first heard about Gutenburg and took a first look at it, I felt completely lost, and wondered how would I manage with my blogging routine so that I can keep up with my blog style and schedule?

After having taken some time to learn the basics of the Gutenburg editor, I can say with confidence that I really don’t miss the old Classic editor because… good news!, Gutenburg is not hard to learn. In fact, I find Gutenburg to be very fast and efficient, and once you figure out what each block does, you start to see that Gutenburg is not a life ruiner, but a life saver in it’s efficiency.

I’ve also realized that Gutenburg doesn’t really change your writing style or flow. It just streamlines it a little differently (for example, I’m a notepad writer and then copy/paste that into my blog posts with html for links and things, and I can still do that with Gutenburg), and I love the reusable blocks feature. That feature has allowed me to create content that appears on every blog post and some pages on my website. With it, I can make updates and instantly my entire website is updated across the whole board.

Suggestions For Those Still Transitioning To Gutenburg And Learning It’s Functions

I would like to offer some of my suggestions that may help anyone with Gutenburg Resistance Syndrome (that’s what I call it) to form a mindset to grasp that it is here, and you can either learn it, or allow your website to become hindered by not learning what it can do for you.

1. Gutenburg only looks confusing at first and you will immediately start to realize that if you take it slow and watch what happens with each block you add to a blog post.

2. If you haven’t already done so, make a private “test” blog where you can freely test the block functions without worrying about messing up your real website. This will allow you to get crazy with Gutenburg and explore all of it’s block options to see what they do.

3. Learn how to use the reusable blocks. I cannot stress enough how super cool the reusable blocks are. They can save you tremendous time by not having to write repetitive content you may have. Once you learn how to utilize the reusable blocks, and realize the benefits of using them, you won’t miss the Classic editor anymore.

4. Gutenburg offers a Classic editor block. With that block, you get the same functionality of the old editor. It’s just an embedded form in your blog post. If you decide to use that block, it’s recommended that you only use one within your blog post and for the full post – just like you would in the old editor, otherwise you may as well use Gutenburg.

5. If you have a large website and are concerned about how Gutenburg may affect your old blog posts, no worries. It really shouldn’t affect them at all unless by chance you do a lot of custom html work in your blog posts. In that case, Gutenburg may require some changes using custom html blocks which are available if you need to edit an old blog post.

I hope these suggestions may be of use to someone in staying productive with their blog post publishing with Gutenburg for WordPress.

Oh yeah, one more thing before we finish here. Remember what I said about the reusable blocks feature and how I use it to update content across my whole website, well take a look at everything below this paragraph. That is all content contained in my “footer” block that I made using a reusable block. All the information below appears everywhere on my website, in all of my blog posts, and some pages. If I need to change or add anything, I just go edit that reusable block. Save the edit, and boom! My whole website is updated with the info I need displayed for my readers. That is the power of Gutenburg, and I love it. I hope this article helps you get acclimated to using Gutenburg and enjoy using it like I do.

This article was last updated on Monday, September 7th, 2020 @ 1:00 AM CST.

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