Random Things Digest 001

Random Things Digest 001

Photo Credit: Logan Weaver – Photo effects by David Thrift.

You have 11 topics to explore in this edition of Random Things.

Welcome to the first edition of Random Things Digest with David Thrift at DDAVIDD.com, where I bring you a collection of various things I’ve discovered on the internet that you may find interesting. These topics are always posted first on my home page, and then about once a week those topics are moved into a digest like this one. So if you want to see Random Things I’m sharing first, always go to my home page. I try to find something new to share there at least once a day.

Here are the topics I have for this Random Things Digest:

001. Death Valley National Park Reports Temperature Of 130°

Read about it on Facebook here. 2020-08-17-MON-19:42-CST

002. Joel Dickenson Music

Billboard Top Ten Club charting remixer/producer with official remixes for Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Nile Rodgers, Kristine W, Taylor Dayne, Kelly Price, C&C Music Factory, Junior Vasquez, Tony Moran, KC & The Sunshine Band, Village People, Jessica Sutta, and many more! Visit Joel’s website here. 2020-08-17-MON-08:18-CST

003. America’s Devastating First Plague and the Birth of Epidemiology – From TIME Magazine

Get the story here. 2020-08-16-SUN-05:54-CST

004. D M C Past & Present On Facebook

Listed so I can join later since I’m in Facebook jail currently. [link] – 2020-08-15-SAT-23:41-CST

005. On YouTube: Madonna – Spotlight (Ray Isaac Remix)

I saw it shared by The Remix Archive on Facebook. Checked it out, liked it, and sharing for you to check out. Also here is a link to Ray Issac’s website. – 2020-08-15-SAT-23:33-CST

006. Remarkable 2

Something I’ve been eyeballing lately are note taking e-ink tablets. One of them is the Remarkable tablet. Now Remarkable 2 is out, and it looks great, however the pricing has me locked out since I do very well with digital note taking (Google Keep and Simplenote are two of my best friends). You can check Remarkable 2 out here. 2020-08-15-SAT-21:18-CST

007. #SayHisName CANNON HINNANT – WALSH: National Media Refuse To Cover Murder Of 5-Year-Old Because It Doesn’t Fit Their Racial Narrative

This is unbelievable. Story here. 2020-08-15-SAT-03:12-CST

008. Bison knocks a woman unconscious, drags her across a road and rips off her pants after she crept up to a calf to take photos

Stay away from wild animals. Story at Daily Mail here. 2020-08-15-SAT-03:05-CST

009. Siril – Astronomy Processing Software

I discovered this on Twitter. It is development software for astromers to use in developing astronomical images. Check it out here. 2020-08-14-FRI-21:08-CST

010. From Colinsville, AL – Wright’s Custom Engraving

Check out their engraved stones on facebook here. 2020-08-13-THU-21:11-CST

011. Facebook Group – Abstract and Non-objective Art

I like following art groups to get inspiration for my own art. This is a group on facebook I discovered and followed on Thursday, August 13th, 2020 where artists post their work for other artists and viewers to see. Check it out here.

That’s it for this edition of Random Things. Don’t forget these topics are always posted first on my home page, so check there daily for new content discoveries and recommendations.

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