Talking About Talent

Photo credit: Mat Reding

This post inspired by no life having miserable people who spend their days on social media wasting bandwidth and worthy people’s time.

Wanna know something about talent?

The first ones to doubt you on the internet, are always the ones who hide behind fake profiles.

They probably have some lame cartoon character picture as their profile photo, go by a weird name that doesn’t make sense, and owns no website (an account on Twitter, Instagram, etc. is not a website).

There is also a class of people who will, when asked, tell you their day job (whatever it is) is where their talent is.

I have a problem with people who fit these descriptions. These people that come on the internet running their fuckin’ mouth (coward keyboard warrior style), who play on social media all day trying to discredit someone (myself or someone else) who puts a lot of effort into his or her content creations.

The reality in my book by these comparisons, is that talent only really exists when you have busted your ass for years, earned your way into a day (or night) job that allows you nearly all of your time on the clock to work on your own businesses that bring you joy and profits.

Don’t ever tell me that I’m not talented, because I get paid to work and play, and you would not be reading this on my website without my talent that brought you here.

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