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I’m David, an amateur outdoor photographer, writer, blogger, content promoter, music collector, and self-published ebook author residing in Southeast Alabama. This website serves as your guide to all of my ebook projects, blogs I maintain, favorite links, information I share, and more.

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This page is the busiest page across my whole website. This is where you can always find all the latest updates. Monday’s & Tuesday’s are basically my weekend days. So there may not be any updates posted during those days.

This home page serves as a common connection point (hub) and provides details and links to all of my other websites and blogs related to my ebooks and other projects, plus my social media pages, and favorite content around the internet.

In the past, I found it difficult at times to try and explain all of the different projects I may be working on at any given time. So I created this dedicated website just for that purpose.

DDAVIDD.com was officially established on the morning of Sunday, August 9th, 2020 @ 7:55 A.M. CST.

📱 This website is currently ad free for your uninterrupted browsing enjoyment. You’re welcome! 💻

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Explore My Ebooks and Blogs:

The information provided below will explain briefly what ebooks I write and make available, as well as the various blogs that I maintain.

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MUDPIX 📸 MAGAZINE (My #1 Priority Photo Ebook Series)

My outdoor photography ebooks are what I love creating the most. In 2016, I began my journey of photographing the scenery, wildlife, and people (boaters, fishermen, and shore dwellers) around Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia. This ebook series is a journal of the photos I’ve taken in chronological order. There is no other ebook series like it on this planet. Start your collection now. Currently there are two issues available in this ebook series.

Visit my MUDPIX MAGAZINE website for more information.

Progress update: Two ebooks in this series have been published. The next ebook is currently in pending status for editing.

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UNSPLASHED (Ebook Series)

I am a big fan of the Unsplash.com stock photography platform, but even bigger fan of many of the photographers who generously donate their photos to the platform for anyone to use for nearly any purpose including creating ebooks with them. My ebooks in this free series is one where I pick out a photographer to feature along with his or her photos. I publish this ebook series in the spirit of promoting others who are into photography like I am, and also to provide my ebook viewers with unique ebooks they won’t find anywhere else. I currently have one ebook in this series published and it’s available in my Gumroad ebook store.

Upcoming UNSPLASHED will feature photography by: Alexander Ant, Patrick Hodskins, & Woody Kelly (others to be listed).

Progress update: One ebook in this series has been published. The next ebook is currently in pending status for editing.

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KALEIDOSCOPE ART (Ebook – Possible Series)

This ebook features some kaleidoscope art I’ve created on my Galaxy S8+ Android Phone. It contain over 1,000 art images with over 1,100 pages. It’s a huge ebook, and fans of symmetrical art will love it.

Progress update: This ebook was completed in September 2020. You can find it in my ebook store at Gumroad. A 2nd ebook is planned to start a series. It will be about half the length of the first ebook

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PROJECT S.O.A.R. (Ebook Series)

Sunsets On Andrews Road is the title of a photo ebook series I began in 2012, but have never actually gotten around to publishing. It’s about stopping on the side of a road to watch beautiful sunsets, and photographing them. I took over 3,000 photos for this ebook series over the course of 90+ days. My plans are to publish each ebook in this series with about 500 photos each. More info to come.

Progress update: CURRENT MAIN EBOOK PROJECT – This ebook series is in it’s first phase of production – photo editing. I have 500+ photos of 500 edited for the first book in this series as of Monday, November 23rd, 2020. I am currently debating on whether to put the first ebook together soon and put it out for sale, or edit all of the photos for the entire series first. Because it’s been 7 years since I went out and took all those photos, I’m feeling like I need to go through them all to familiarize myself with them again before trying to put the ebooks together.

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EARTHCAM DIGEST (Livecam Photo Blog)

In 2020 I developed a great fondness for watching the outdoor livecams provided by earthcam.com via it’s website, and it’s Android App (I purchased the pro version to support them). This blog is one I started on July 23rd, 2020 and is where I post livecam shots from the Earthcam app whenever time permits me to check and watch the cams, and also post photos.

Visit Earthcam Digest for more information.

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It’s my newest blog started on Friday, September 11th, 2020, and it is where I post my music listening journey on Spotify. I listen to music on Spotify almost daily and I update this blog frequently. Discover some new music that I recommend at Spotify Life.

Visit Spotify Life for more information.

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*** Latest Site and Blog Network Updates ***

FIRST TO FIRE NETWORK NEWS blog has been launched. This blog will serve as an update blog for all of the blogs across my network. They will be the same updates posted here on the home page of this website, however over at this blog, you can follow it to receive emails each time I post an update so that you won’t miss anything. 2021-04-15-THU-22:59-CST.

CRASH REBOOT! blog has been launched. This blog will house all of my CRASH REBOOT! PDF format ezine style newsletters. Look for the first one to post soon. 2021-04-13-TUE-22:24-CST.

My first blog post, Hello World! has been posted at my new blog called E-INK GUY, my blog journaling my experience with the Remarkable 2 e-ink writing tablet. 2021-04-09-FRI-20:38-CST.

My blog at YAY SITES has been updated with new links. 2021-04-09-FRI-00:52-CST.

FUCK JOE BIDEN has been launched. It’s my newest blog as of today. I make it no secret that I’m not fond of Joe Biden, nor his lame administration. I don’t plan to spend a lot of time building up this blog. I occasionally run across videos on YouTube that point out what a failure this Democrat puppet is, and this blog is where I will be posting those videos for everyone to see. 2021-03-27-SAT-21:34-CST.

HELLO WORLD! has been published at MP3 CULTURE. 2021-03-27-SAT-04:05-CST.

Most Useless Websites You’ll Ever See – my latest viral post has been posted at The BIG List. 2021-03-27-SAT-01:51-CST.

MP3 CULTURE has been launched. It’s my newest blog. This one will focus on maintaining a mp3 collection in a music streaming era. 2021-03-26-FRI-21:32-CST.

Unsplash Photographers Who Make My Websites Awesome has been posted. 2021-01-08-FRI-22:14-CST

Spotify Life Day 13 for Thursday, December 10th, 2020 has been posted at my new blog – Spotify Life – The blog where I post what I’m listening to today on Spotify. This will be updated throughout the day with tunes you might like as I discover new tunes or listen to my old favorites. 2020-12-10-THU-20:55-CST

MP3 page has been updated. 2020-11-01-SUN-04:23-CST

Random Things Digest 007 has been posted. 2020-10-26-MON-04:16-CST

Lighthouses (page) has been posted. This page contains an automatically updated list of lighthouses I’ve posted about. 2020-10-20-TUE-22:40-CST

An interesting photo of Whiteford Point Lighthouse has been posted. 2020-10-20-TUE-22:11-CST

Earthcam Digest Blog has a new Earthcam photo post. 2020-10-01-THU-20:45-CST

An announcement about my upcoming newsletter has been posted. Read about it here. 2020-09-24-THU-21:02-CST

A new Archive page is available. It is an auto-updating list of all blog posts on this website. This list is provided to make content in the blog easy to access as the blog grows. 2020-09-23-WED-05:54-CST

Breaking Tasks Down To Manageable Levels has been updated. 2020-09-23-WED-05:21-CST

Favorite Relaxation Videos On YouTube has been posted. 2020-09-23-WED-03:41-CST

Two Friends Mixes Podcast has been featured on my blog in the Podcast Spotlights section. This is the first podcast featured on my blog. 2020-09-20-MON-01:14-CST

TTG Page 33 has been posted over at my MUDPIX MAGAZINE website. TTG (Tap That Guy) is a street photography gallery featuring candid street photos. 2020-09-20-SUN-19:06-CST

Favorite Hashtags On Instagram has been updated, and it was a HUGE update. It now contains 28 photo hashtags (previous count was 3) you may enjoy exploring on Instagram. 2020-09-20-SUN-04:01-CST

Favorite Google Searches has been posted. 2020-09-08-TUE-04:41-CST

I Was Once That Guy Who Hated Gutenburg has been updated. 2020-09-07-MON-01:02-CST

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Most Popular Blog Topics Mentioned Sitewide On This Site

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Random Things

I am constantly running across things on the internet that I like to share, that you may find interesting, and this spot on my home page is where I share them first in the form of short micro-blogs. These are “internet crumbs”, and snippets of info. Just enough to give you a clue of what’s interesting. This section on my home page makes it simple for you to find the newest things I see when I’m browsing the internet before they are archived on my blog. These “Random Things” are updated in real time, and are timestamped when I add them.

NOTICE: A newsletter is now being provided that will change how “Random Things” content is published. Random Things will transition into the newsletter. Plans are to publish this newsletter weekly, and Random Things will be phased out or moved to another location on this website. So you’ll still get my content recommendations. It will just be done differently in newsletter form and possible other area on this website. This newsletter is published in PDF format and is free to download. Find the newsletter in the website menu.

Untappd – Drink Socially

I’m not a drinker myself, but I just discovered this app and thought I’d share it for anyone who may be interested. Discover and share beer, breweries, and bars with your friends. Free app for iOS and Android. Untapped websiteUntapped on Twitter – 2020-11-17-TUE-02:30-CST

Laptop Media

I’ve discovered a website that looks like it might be a good source for laptop news. It’s called Laptop Media. Check it out for yourself here. 2020-11-06-FRI-04:53-CST

Otter.ai – Automatically Transcribe Your Meetings, Classes, and Recordings

Otter.ai is an app that can record and transcribe important verbal events for you. It’s free plan offers you up to 600 minutes use per month. Get more information here. 2020-11-05-THU-20:21-CST

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Here is an item that is on my wishlist. It is a portable power source that goes beyond basic battery packs for keeping your phone, laptop, tablet and other small electric devices charged when on the go. You can actually use it to power an electric blanket when you go camping. This power source is made by a company called Jackery, and the link I’ve provided will take you to view thier smallest model, but you can easily find thier bigger, more powerful models on Jackery’s website. You can purchase optional solar charging panels for these battery packs which can set you up for long term off grid use. 2020-11-01-SUN-19:41-CST

Affinity Publisher

It’s the latest software to catch my eyes, Affinity Publisher. Just $49.99 and looks like it can produce some awesome brochures, ebooks, and publications such as magazines and newsletters. 2020-10-24-SAT-23:07-CST

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Random Things Digests Archive

An archive of all past Random Things topics like those above can be found here.

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Disclaimer: On my blog, I often choose photo headers for my blog posts that don’t match the topics I’m writing about. These header images usually come from unsplash.com as I love to use the stock photography there for my blog posts, and also to credit/link some talented photographers. This habit is most displayed in my “Just Thinking” blog category.

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