Some photographers sell prints. I sell my whole camera rolls in pdf photo ebooks to give you the full experience.


Hi, my name is David Thrift, and this is my official website, which serves as the hub for all of my creative works on the internet. I reside in Southeast Alabama, and I am a outdoor photographer who loves to photograph West Point Lake, and Lake Harding in Alabama and Georgia. I create, self-publish, and sell photo ebooks using my photography. My photo ebooks are available as either free versions which contain watermarked photos with my logo, or as premium versions which do not contain watermarks that you can purchase in my MUDPIX OUTDOORS PHOTO EBOOKS store on Gumroad.

Ebook Availability: Not all ebooks will be available as free, and it’s the same with premium versions. Some ebooks may be either just free, or available with purchase only. Please read descriptions on each ebook for availability.

I also produce my own line of hand-knit, and crocheted hats (aka beanies) for men, and others. You can find all of the hats I have available in my DudeCapz Beanie Store on Storenvy. So thank you for dropping by my website. See my bio information further down the page for more details about my creations, and my outdoor photography.

Digital Art For Zoning Out 001

This ebook contains over 1,600 full page images of my AI generated digital art. It’s a huge ebook designed to offer you an escape for relaxation when you need to unwind. It’s a free download, and does not contain watermarks. Get it here.

Portraits Of Duval Street Photo Ebook 001

Mounted above Duval Street at a bar called Irish Kevin’s in Key West, Florida, is a webcam which livestreams people walking up and down the street, or going into and out of the bar. This photo ebook is filled with nightlife as can only be seen from this world famous location. This first photo ebook in this series is free for preview on Issuu, and a free download here on my website, and does not contain watermarks. Get it here.

Day Trip 001 Photo Ebook

It’s the first photo ebook in my DAY TRIP series. I love to go out on day trips to my favorite locations around West Point Lake (both on the Alabama and Georgia sides) where I spend a few hours, or a whole day, taking photos of the scenery, and then put all the photos in a photo ebook. Get this one for your photo ebook collection as either a free watermarked version, or a premium watermark-free version from my ebook store on Gumroad. Click here for more information.

  • ON GUMROAD – Buy my current photo ebooks. – [link]
  • ON STORENVY – Buy my crochet, hand-knit, and loom-knit beanies. – [link]


  • – My official website (the one you are on now) which primarily serves as my “link in bio” across social networks. – [link]
  • – DudeCapz Beanie Store – The official website for my hand-crafted beanies. – [link]
  • – A website directory I’m building that is currently nowhere near being put to use. – [link]
  • – My other official website. I’m considering to set it’s focus on my art, but haven’t made a final decision yet. Also, it is possible that I may remove that website, or put it on hiatus at some point. Do I really need two official websites? – [link]
  • – It’s where MUDPIX OUTDOORS (my photography brand) got started. – [link]


These blogs are extensions of my work in photography and art.

  • PDF LOOP – Go get yourself some free ebooks featuring some of my photography and art. – [link]


To add a little personal connection to this website, I’ve launched a new mini-journal called Today With David. Visit this link to see how my day is going that you may not find written on my social network pages, and get updates about my creative process and production of my art, photography, and photo ebooks. Note: Despite the title, I don’t always write every single day. Sometimes I forget, but I always try to come back with something of interest.


Digital abstract art painted in Artrage on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. Completed on Monday, January 10th, 2022 @ 2:59 AM CST. This is my first digital abstract art digitally hand painted by me in 2022. I’m currently working on a derivative art image from the same reference image with larger brush strokes. I am planning a total of 9 (possibly 10) derivatives in this series to come. Each one will be painted with a larger brush stroke size than the last one. I want to see how this changes and creates new artworks from one reference image. Check back soon for the 2nd art image when I finish it. I will begin a new blog series for my art soon. I have to figure out which website I’m going to do that on.


Below you will find my latest video from my MUDPIX OUTDOORS YouTube Channel.

DESCRIPTION: Watching a train pass by in Salem, Alabama on Saturday, January 1st, 2022 @ 4:27 PM CST. This is the first full train I’ve been able to film in daylight since I first started recording trains in December 2021. I was happy to be near the tracks when I heard the train coming so that I could get somewhere to record the whole train. I found a spot that was perfect to sit on as the train rolled by where I could record this video. I will try to get some more videos like this when I can.


I have more Twitter handles than I know what to do with sometimes, but each one has a purpose related to the various projects I’m working on. Twitter is my favorite social network to collaborate on, which contributes to why I have so many accounts.

  • @DUDECAPZ – This is the Twitter page for my DUDECAPZ BEANIE STORE. Follow it to keep up with new hand-crafted items I have for sale in the shop. – [link]
  • @KALEIDOLOVE – This is primarily for my kaleidoscope art. – [link]
  • @LINKSURFUSA – This is for a project that is currently in “idea phase”. I’ve got some ideas I’d like to do with this, but haven’t really put anything definite on paper yet. – [link]
  • @MRDTHRIFT – This is my personal Twitter page where I’m bound to post about anything I’m working on with all of my projects. – [link]
  • @MUDPIXO – This is the official Twitter page for my MUDPIX OUTDOORS PHOTOGRAPHY. – [link]


  • PHOTOGRAPHY & HANDMADE THINGS BY DAVID – This is a “anything goes” blog I set up on Tumblr where I promote my art, photography, and hand-crafted items I’m selling, as well as other content I wouldn’t normally post on my main websites. It’s mainly craft related content currently, and hasn’t been updated since November 2021. I will get back to it as time permits. – [link]

* * * * * * *

NOTICE: 2023-01-28-SAT at 6:48 PM CST – I think it’s getting about time for a new reboot of this website. Due to having been working on other projects for a long time, my website here at hasn’t been updated in awhile. I want to make some changes here and start getting my website back in operation. There is some content I’m considering to remove from the layout of the website in order to focus more on blogging, rather than unnecessary content surrounding the blog that I’m obviously not keeping updated (the featured albums, and things like that). In and over the coming months you may see the layout of this website become transformed into a smaller layout with a focus on better resources. Stay tuned as new changes are bound to be made.

* * * * * * * was officially established on the morning of Sunday, August 9th, 2020 @ 7:55 A.M. CST.

This website is ad free for your uninterrupted browsing enjoyment. I hate website ads as much as everyone else. I depend on purchases from my beanie store, and photo ebook shop for my work, and to keep the content I create for you to enjoy available to you. Thanks for all your support! It really means a lot to me.

* * * * * * *

February 2023

Albums Recently Played – Listening to music at home is a very important part of my home life. These are some of the most recent albums I’ve listened to on Spotify. Most recent listed first.

  • Various Artists – 80s 100 Hits (Compilation) 2010 – [link]
  • Thompson Twins – Into The Gap 1984 – [link]
  • Cathy Dennis – Move To This 1990 – [link]
  • The Cover Girls – Show Me 1987 – [link]
  • DINO – The Way I Am 1993 – [link]
  • DINO – 24/7 1989 – [link]

New Album Discoveries – Listed below are some albums I’ve discovered that are in my que to give a listen to. You may want to check them out also.

  • Far Corporation – Solitude 1994 – [link]

You’re At The Right Place! – If you were looking for my other websites at, or, then you are at the right place. Those domains now redirect here to until further notice. For my own records, to was transferred as a secondary domain to for redirect on Friday, October 14th, 2022 @ 11:56 AM CST. I do not remember when I transferred as a redirect to this site. This info only to remain in this spot until I find time to organize it properly in another place, perhaps a new domains page.


  • Following On Twitter In ANDROID
    News and other resources related to Android OS & Smartphones. These I follow are included in my ANDROID list on Twitter.
    MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER ISSUE #6 OCTOBER 2022 EDITION The 6th issue of my MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER is available for downloading or viewing online. You may view it directly below, and there is a download option available to you if you want to save a copy to your computer. It is a direct download. Just click the download […]
  • Updates Archive 007 October 2022
    This archive provides all updates made here at during the month of October 2022.
  • Flashback Photos 003 Courthouse Square In Opelika Alabama Tuesday September 6th, 2022
    There is a small, beautiful park with a large water fountain in front of the Lee County, Alabama Courthouse in Opelika, Alabama. Occasionally I like to stop by there for a little time to watch the fountain flowing. At almost midnight on Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 I visited the park after a run into town […]
  • Flashback Photos 002 Train In Salem Alabama Saturday September 17th, 2022
    In the late afternoon on Saturday, September 17th, 2022, I took these photos of a train passing by in Salem, Alabama, because I like to watch trains. So if you also love to watch trains pass by, then I hope you enjoy these photos.
  • Flashback Photos 001 On The Tracks In Salem Alabama Friday September 16th, 2022
    Thanks for checking out this blog post. This post marks the beginning of my “Flashback Photos” blog post series at where I am posting 10 photos in mini photo galleries in each post. These are my outdoor photos, and maybe sometimes photos of other subject matter.
  • Updates Archive 006 September 2022
    This archive provides all updates made here at during the month of September 2022.
    MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER ISSUE #5 SEPTEMBER 2022 EDITION The 5th issue of my MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER is available for downloading or viewing online. You may view it directly below, and there is a download option available to you if you want to save a copy to your computer. It is a direct download. Just click the download […]
  • Digital Art For Zoning Out 001
    Digital Art For Zoning Out 001 is the first photo art ebook in this series, and is a collection of beautifully colored and patterned digital art. IT’S FREE – SO DON’T MISS IT! – I am giving away this first ebook in my Digital Art For Zoning Out photo art ebook series for your viewing […]
  • Surf Session 002
    It is Sunday morning, August 7th, 2022 @ 12:42 AM CST. Once again I am at work. Between my duties I’ve been working on building accounts I follow on Twitter… that was until my Twitter account was suspended. Why was it suspended. I said in a tweet that “I wish these foldables would die”. This […]


An original design slouchy crochet multi-color beanie made by David Thrift, owner of DudeCapz Beanie Store, online at Storenvy.

Did you know that I am a knitter, and a crocheter? Did you also know that I have a beanie store on Storenvy where I sell my hand-knit, and crochet hats for men and women. They are one size fits all, so they are great for anyone 12 and up. Click here to go over to my shop and find your new favorite beanie for yourself, a friend, or your loved ones. Shipping for these items is to any of the 48 contiguous United States.


Amazon Kindle App & Z Fold: Quick View & 4 Features To Enable For Enhanced Reading – [link]

I’ve got my eye on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 a lot lately, and I’ve been looking for reasons to justify buying one. I like to read, but I don’t always like to carry my Amazon Kindle. I wondered how the Amazon Kindle app would look on the Fold 4 phone. This video gives a good look at how it would appear, although it’s shown on the Fold 3. I think I would like it if I decide to purchase the Fold 4. So if you are wondering how your Amazon Kindle app books would look on these fold phones, give the video a watch. – Featured on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 @ 2:28 AM CST.

Find other related videos on YouTube under search for “amazon kindle on z fold 4” – [link]

For more of my featured videos on YouTube, please click here for my Featured Front Page YouTube Videos 2022 list.


80’s Techno Music – New Wave – Synthpop – [link] – There are over 400 songs from the 1980’s new wave and synthpop music era in this playlist. Featured on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 @ 12:09 AM CST.

Previously Featured:

Spotify Playlist – TRANCE 2022 – Best Trance Music Official TOP 100 – [link] – Some of the best trance music tracks in one of my favorite Spotify playlists. Featured on Thursday, August 4th, 2022 @ 1:09 AM CST.


Dino 24/7 – Released on January 1st 1989 by The Island Def Jam Music Group


  1. No More Heartbreak (The Opening)
  2. I Like It
  3. Never 2 Much Of U
  4. Summergirls
  5. Boyfriend-Girl Friend
  6. Real Love
  7. 24/7
  8. Sunshine
  9. In The City
  10. Nightime Lovekind

Listen on Spotify – [link]

View album with purchase options on Amazon – [link]

More info on:

Angelfire (artist) – [link]

Discogs (album) – [link]

LastFM (artist) – [link]

MusicBrainz (album) – [link]

MusicBrainz (artist) – [link]

Spotify (artist) – [link]

Wikipedia (album) – [link]

Wikipedia (artist) – [link]

Featured on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 @ 1:28 AM CST


A list of notable events happening in 2022. These events come from Twitter. If you are on Twitter, then you may have already seen these, and if not, I have these listed so that you can check them out. Follow me on Twitter @MrDThrift for my latest updates. Note that the timestamps indicate when I listed these, not the actual time and date these events were published on Twitter.

2022-09-14-WED @ 2:06 AM CST – Houston nurse hit 130 mph before deadly Los Angeles car crash (September 12, 2022) – Prosecutors called Nicole Linton’s collision a ‘NASCAR-worthy performance’ in a Friday filing opposing the reduction of her bail. – [link]

2022-08-05-FRI @ 8:26 AM CST – Parts of Great Barrier Reef show highest coral cover seen in 36 years – Two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia recorded the highest amount of coral cover in nearly four decades, though the reef is still vulnerable to climate change and mass bleaching, a monitoring group said Thursday. – [link]

2022-08-05-FRI @ 2:47 AM CST – AI art software Dall-E moves past the novelty stage and turns pro – After capturing the imagination of tech insiders, the autonomous drawing tool is expanding to broader audiences and commercial uses. – [link]

2022-08-05-FRI @ 2:01 AM CST – After 6,000 years dormant, Iceland volcano near Reykjavik erupts twice – While people have been told to avoid the area because of poisonous gases, the government said there was no immediate risk of damage to critical infrastructure. – [link]

2022-08-05-FRI @ 1:58 AM CST – U.S. Coast Guard seizes 40 sharks caught illegally in Texas waters – Border Protection officers alerted the Coast Guard that the four men were catching sharks near Corpus Christi. – [link]

2022-08-04-THU @ 6:47 AM CST – Her birth was a ‘great mystery.’ Then she found the man who delivered her on a street 30 years ago – A woman traveled from South Dakota to meet up with the man who helped bring her into the world more than 30 years ago on a San Francisco sidewalk. Here’s how it happened. – [link]

2022-08-04-THU @ 6:41 AM CST – Icelandic volcano 20 miles south-west of Reykjavik erupts – The eruption follows days of small earthquakes in the area along a peninsula known to be a seismic hot-spot. – [link]

2022-08-04-THU @ 6:36 AM CST – A ‘reversible’ form of death? Scientists revive cells in dead pigs’ organs. – Researchers who previously revived some brain cells in dead pigs succeeded in repeating the process in more organs. – [link]

2022-08-04-THU @ 5:56 AM CST – Rare walking shark spotted on land blows viewers’ minds in ‘history-making’ footage – Shark Week on Discovery has been awash with incredible moments this year, but no one expected to see a walking shark on their screens. – [link]

2022-05-11-WED @ 12:16 PM CST – Texas fisherman catches a 300-pound fish of a lifetime – and then he let it go – Payton Moore traveled Houston’s bayou, determined to catch one of the largest alligator gars Texas has potentially ever seen. – [link]

2022-05-10-TUE @ 3:33 PM CST – Deep-sea researchers spot ‘yellow brick road to Atlantis’ while exploring ocean floor – It was the crew onboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus who caught sight of the formation. ‘It’s the road to Atlantis,’ a researcher on the radio can be heard saying. ‘The yellow brick road?’ another adds. The strange-looking feature, which resembles a road paved in cobblestones, was located in the Liliʻuokalani Ridge in the Papahānaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) in the Pacific Ocean – [link]

2022-04-13-WED @ 10:29 AM CST – Neptune experiences an unexplained shift in temperature – Neptune, the farthest planet in our solar system is experiencing a shift in temperature that scientists can’t explain. – [link]

2022-03-09-WED @ 9:23 AM CST – TIME’s Women of the Year 2022 – The list highlights 12 extraordinary leaders working toward a more equal world. – [link]

2022-03-09-WED @ 8:43 AM CST – The wreck of Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship, is found – Explorers and researchers have located Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915. – link


One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else.


Guess you gotta be fake for people to care that much. I’d rather be alone.


Always be a first rate version of yourself, and not a second rate version of someone else. – Judy Garland


Grow through what you go through.


Healing yourself can be offensive to those that benefited from your brokenness.


Actions always prove why words mean nothing.


It’s not that serious. Focus on your work. – David Thrift

More quotes available in my newsletter. – I am a collector of meaningful quotes and sayings. You can find my entire collection in my free MUDWALKER NEWSLETTER. Get it here. It’s a free pdf download.


2022-08-05-FRI @ 9:05 PM CST – A big focus for me this month in August 2022 is to start listing accounts I follow on Twitter. You will see a lot of these pages being posted to the blog over the course of this month.

2022-08-01-MON @ 12:06 AM CST – This week, probably starting tomorrow on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, I’m planning on populating some resources and information from some of my other sites into the 3 column panel of my website below. I’m also considering to add a new section into the template below for temporary promotions of interesting things I find on the internet. UPDATE – Promotions has been added. – UPDATE – I still have to move content from other sites.

2022-08-01-MON @ 12:00 AM CST – I’ve got several other .com websites that I have not been doing a lot of updates to lately, and for quite awhile. I’ve already set one of them to redirect here to, and I’m considering to do the same with several more of them. Doing this will allow me to redirect funds to possibly set up a new store website using Woocommerce on Wordpress, rather than using 3rd party storefronts like Storenvy, and Gumroad to sell my craft products and my ebooks. This will be a huge move with a lot of work required if I choose to make this happen. Stay tuned for updates. has recently been relaunched on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 with a new theme I designed. You may notice some things moved, or removed as needed over the coming weeks as I adjust to this new layout and getting my content organized. Update: Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 – Work is still going on with setting up my website here with the new look and upcoming content. You can check my UPDATES page to see the latest updates as they happen. Update: Monday, August 1st, 2022 – Most work has been done to get this website set up with the new theme now. Going forward I just have some clean-up of content to do, and decisions on what content to place where within my new template. Hopefully by the end of 2022, I will have everything running smoothly, and this notification can finally be removed from the site.


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New Hobbies & Collections Photo Journal

My new publication called Hobbies & Collections will give you an up to date look at what is keeping me busy the most. Click here to read it on Issuu. This is frequently updated.

SPOTIFY LIFE – My Spotify listening journal is being put together so that I can publish it here on site. Look for it soon.


Tracking the surges in gas prices in my local area in Alabama. This is a mostly just “to be doing it” thing to take up space in this section until I figure out what else to put here in a future update.

  • 2022-03-10-THU @ 6:10 AM CST – $3.89
  • 2022-05-10-TUE @ 7:57 PM CST – $3.93
  • 2022-05-11-WED @ 10:22 AM CST – $3.93
  • 2022-08-04-THU @ 3:20 AM CST – $3.36


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My name is David Thrift, and I reside in Southeast Alabama. My primary interests are digital art, content creation, crafting, curating content, music, outdoor photography, and reading. My primary focus in outdoor photography is photographing the scenery around West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia. I am also skilled at knitting and crocheting, I love self-publishing photo ebooks, I have a wide range of music genre interests, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks, and reading on my Amazon Kindle. I am a gadget geek who loves keeping up with new technology and developments in communication, primarily cellular and Android smartphones.

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