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It has been quite awhile since I have updated this website. I’ve been working on other projects, and got lost from here. As of Saturday, September 11th, 2021 @ 2:03 AM CST, I am working on a relaunch of this website to serve as a distribution point for a new collection of photo ebooks I’m planning to self publish. Some of them will be free, and others will be for sale. Please stay tuned as I work out my plans and organize my content.


I’m David, an amateur outdoor photographer, writer, blogger, content promoter, music collector, and self-published ebook author residing in Southeast Alabama. This website serves as your guide to all of my ebook projects, blogs I maintain, favorite links, information I share, and more.

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DDAVIDD.com was officially established on the morning of Sunday, August 9th, 2020 @ 7:55 A.M. CST.

📱 This website is ad free for your uninterrupted browsing enjoyment. You’re welcome! 💻

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Untappd – Drink Socially

I’m not a drinker myself, but I just discovered this app and thought I’d share it for anyone who may be interested. Discover and share beer, breweries, and bars with your friends. Free app for iOS and Android. Untapped websiteUntapped on Twitter – 2020-11-17-TUE-02:30-CST

Laptop Media

I’ve discovered a website that looks like it might be a good source for laptop news. It’s called Laptop Media. Check it out for yourself here. 2020-11-06-FRI-04:53-CST

Otter.ai – Automatically Transcribe Your Meetings, Classes, and Recordings

Otter.ai is an app that can record and transcribe important verbal events for you. It’s free plan offers you up to 600 minutes use per month. Get more information here. 2020-11-05-THU-20:21-CST

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Here is an item that is on my wishlist. It is a portable power source that goes beyond basic battery packs for keeping your phone, laptop, tablet and other small electric devices charged when on the go. You can actually use it to power an electric blanket when you go camping. This power source is made by a company called Jackery, and the link I’ve provided will take you to view thier smallest model, but you can easily find thier bigger, more powerful models on Jackery’s website. You can purchase optional solar charging panels for these battery packs which can set you up for long term off grid use. 2020-11-01-SUN-19:41-CST

Affinity Publisher

It’s the latest software to catch my eyes, Affinity Publisher. Just $49.99 and looks like it can produce some awesome brochures, ebooks, and publications such as magazines and newsletters. 2020-10-24-SAT-23:07-CST

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Random Things Digests Archive

An archive of all past Random Things topics like those above can be found here.

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Disclaimer: On my blog, I often choose photo headers for my blog posts that don’t match the topics I’m writing about. These header images usually come from unsplash.com as I love to use the stock photography there for my blog posts, and also to credit/link some talented photographers. This habit is most displayed in my “Just Thinking” blog category.

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I am working on a content restructure and relaunch for this website. Here is where, hopefully by 2022, I will have this website tranformed to serve as my ebook distribution point on the internet. I love to create photo ebooks. Many of these will be free, and others will be for sale. Below is a small list of ebooks I have in progress to offer.

  • EARTHCAM 001 – Earthcam is my jam. I love watching the live cameras from across the United States, and some around the world. I also love taking screenahots of the changing views as I see them. On Sunday, September 5th, 2021, I watched the World Trade Center Skyline Cam in New York. This ebook will contain the photos I captured that day.
  • CROSS-STITCH WORLD 2021 – In August 2021, I started using an app called Cross-Stitch World. It is a game which very beautifully mimics cross-stitching in a digital fashion. It is a fun, and relaxing app to spend time with. It allows you to color some very creative mosaic style artwork. This is a ebook I’m planning to release in early 2022 which will showcase all of my Cross-Stitch World custom artworks. It will contain adult only content.
  • EARTHCAM 002 – This ebook will consist of photos taken on Earthcam on Monday, September 6th, 2021.
  • There are more ebooks in the works, and in planning.


  • 2021-09-15-WED @ 6:48 AM CST – I realized today that I have never gotten around to writing my “ABOUT” page. Well I guess with the new relaunch I’m working on, I can add that to my list of things to do for that. My original plans for this relaunch was to erase everything and start from scratch, but I’m not sure yet now. There may be some blog series I had started that I may leave up. Or since I want the main focus of this website to be on ebooks, I may just turn the blog posts into ebook series. A lot of blog posts have been deleted today.

To keep you informed on the relaunch progress, the list below will keep you updated.